Tuesday 30 September 2014

Next Sailfish OS update, September

Next Sailfish OS update - First Info

Jolla has shared information about the upcoming Sailfish OS update to their app developers. Dots indicating prev/next content are about to change and setting up accounts should become more user friendly

UPDATE: Jolla has revealed the name
UPDATE 2: September turns into October
UPDATE 3: Security update available

Thursday 25 September 2014

Sailfish OS market share -The life long Sail towards TOP3

Photo: Marc Dillon speaking on Jolla stage, MWC 2014
Sailfish OS reaching to be the 3rd major mobile operating system. The journey begins.

Jolla's CEO Antti Saarnio has bodly stated that Sailfish OS (Jolla) aims to be the 3rd major Mobile Phone Operating System, lining up with Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) in the future. After Jolla phone India launch we can see this journey in the beginning.

[news] Jolla and Sailfish OS launched in Italy

Official Press release translated to English

"The lack of an alternative to the current operating systems has led to a continuous challenge on hardware specifications, leaving software innovation in the background. Jolla with its independent Sailfish operating system is bringing excitement to the world of smartphones."

Tuesday 23 September 2014

[press] Jolla Launched in India

Official Press release - Jolla smartphone is now available in India

New Delhi – September 23, 2014 

Jolla Ltd., the smartphone company by ex-Nokia employees  from  Finland, and Snapdeal.com, India’s largest e-commerce marketplace, today announced that the Jolla smartphone is now available in India.

[event] Sailfish OS Jolla Launch, India

Updated - Price, Early Sailor offer, Voucher contest, Event photos (9)

Organized by: Snapdeal and Jolla Oy
Venue: Le Meridien hotel, New Delhi, India
Time: 07:30 UTC (local time 13:00 IST)

Friday 19 September 2014

Jolla is available in China mainland via Taobao

[Official] Jolla is available also in China mainland

Taobao, a giant online store in China, have been selling Sailfish OS Jolla smartphone already for a while.

Jolla does not sell to China, but product is available in China via Jolla channel partner to order as a Hong Kong import product from Taobao. Jolla Oy has confirmed that this retailer belongs to one of their channel partners.

Thursday 18 September 2014

Jolla towards new markets: India

Star of India. Image by Ted Rufus Ross

Jolla launched soon in India with online market Snapdeal

Jolla will soon launch their smartphone to India, partnering up with online retailer Snapdeal.com

Update: Launch Delayed
Update 2: Launch Event September 23, 2014

Jolla has John Brooks coding for them

Nice mention in WIRED article - John Brooks has been working also for Jolla

“He writes incredible code,” Australian security journalist Patrick Gray says, “and really thinks like a hacker, even though he doesn’t have a security background.”

Brooks, who moves around a lot but currently resides with his parents in Utah, has been working as a contract software engineer developing a Linux-based operating system Sailfish OS for a Finnish company Jolla Oy.

Update: John Brook's Ricochet IM

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Sailfish OS for Android phones: Jolla Launcher alpha ported to Android 4.2

[video] Jolla Launcher brings Sailfish OS experience to Android phones

Originally Jolla Launcher alpha was shared via Google Play to 600 pioneers in a meaning to gather user feedback and bug reports. 13 000 Android users registered to the testing group.

By feedback from these pioneers version beta is to be released later for even wider group of testers, and hopefully in the end we'll see the first stable version running on most Android phones.

Update: Launcher beta version - release delayed

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Jolla phone availability - Retailers by country

Interactive map: Amount of retailers delivering Jolla phone

List of all retailers: Who's delivering Jolla to you? Click under the bigger map below

Community DIT: Add a new retailer if you know one not yet listed

Thursday 11 September 2014

500 miles Together

Together Jolla Community active voters

Looking at the user list at together.jolla.com, it's ordered by default by an overall karma score. Karma is gained when your questions, answers and comments are upvoted by other users

How about looking at the activity from another, as important point of view?

Monday 8 September 2014

Samsung Tizen OS enables phone calls with Gear S

Samsung enables phone calls with Tizen OS. Any threat to Jolla?

Not a smartphone, but a Smart Watch Phone Samsung Gear S powered by Tizen OS, including phone calls and HERE Maps with navigation. Is this  going to compete of the same customers and app developers with Sailfish OS and Jolla?

Friday 5 September 2014

GPS voice navigation: Not for Sailfish, Android apps work

Update: Jolla will not provide offline navigation for Sailfish OS, at least not for a while

This is the most wanted feature among Jolla owners, unfortunately the news are opposite.

However, there are many Android apps, both free and paid, offering this feature and running well on Jolla.

Thursday 4 September 2014

Hi, I'm Joe - Guess why I bought a Jolla phone?

1000 Unlike Jolla reviews and one Mean Joe

Jolla phone owners have sent 1000 user reviews with the form shared by Review Jolla, Jolla Tides, and Jolla Users.

Now what happens if we put these unlike users together. Who's the Mean Joe?

This story combines the statistics of the first user reviews posted by Jolla's customers. Reviews are not all from unique source, users are encouraged to post new report after each system update.

Image from Ethel Hardings big old photo album.