Thursday 4 September 2014

Hi, I'm Joe - Guess why I bought a Jolla phone?

1000 Unlike Jolla reviews and one Mean Joe

Jolla phone owners have sent 1000 user reviews with the form shared by Review Jolla, Jolla Tides, and Jolla Users.

Now what happens if we put these unlike users together. Who's the Mean Joe?

This story combines the statistics of the first user reviews posted by Jolla's customers. Reviews are not all from unique source, users are encouraged to post new report after each system update.

Image from Ethel Hardings big old photo album.

Hi, I'm Joe - Guess why I bought a Jolla?

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First of all, all the three of us bloggers and Jolla HQ would like to thank the active Jolla community for posting these 1000 reviews. This article wasn't here without you! It reveals something special trying to define Jolla's mean customer. Maybe it helps you too, if you're considering buying this phone.

Hi, I'm Joe, the Mean Joe. I just love new innovations. I've been using touch screen equipped devices already for 4,5 years

For next device I'm dreaming of a touch screen which I could just roll into my pocket. Maybe powered by Sailfish?

Sometimes when you pass me on the street, you might hear me saying "Ahoy Sailfish" to me dear tech-wear-hat. I bought this unlike hat because I want to differentiate from the masses.

I bought my Jolla, introduced to the audience 10 months ago, after careful consideration of about a month. I think it also makes me stand out from the masses.

Users are found to use the latest Sailfish OS version
During this month I read every single bit of information man could ever find in advance. There wasn't too much back then, but just enough for me. I'm happy I run into it, the name Jolla doesn't pop up every day here.

I bought my phone from Jolla Shop, I don't know if it's even available anywhere else. Suppose it is already.

Many have quite a lot of experience as a smartphone user
Later I've seen some nice colored TOH's on their site as well, but I wasn't too interested on those. I just don't need one - I've already got my hat.

Joe always uses the latest available Sailfish OS version on his Jolla

"System update available"! Hold on, my Jolla often informs me of these. Then I always check the latest comments in Together Jolla Community.

I used to visit that portal even more often earlier, but after getting to know my ways around with Jolla I didn't need that so much.

Joe knows his ways, and just loves the idea that he doesn't need to ask everything. However, he's very helpful.

Whenever some of the other sailors comes to ask me a question, I'm glad introduce my phone or help people. It's funny that owning a device gets you to know new people too - that never happened with my hat, no matter how special it is.

Nowadays I only visits TJC when the updates arrive, just to check if it's good to install. If I find that it is, which has always been the case so far, I download and install the update immediately. I've done that several times already, and I've never been disappointed.
Sailfish OS ratings: Basic users Advanced users Experienced users

Joe's hat isn't the only thing which make him differentiate from the masses. He has some great unlike thoughts, and he still feels very special every time he takes Jolla out of his pocket.

It's just so... unlike!

The Looks ratings: Basic users Advanced users Experienced users

Joe knows that other's like it too. Once this odd though passed his mind:

What if everybody are carrying these one day?

Not possible, I realized immediately. People, the average people, they are like sheep. They are buying Androids or iPhones, and they'll do it again. They'll get another one. At least most of them. I Hope.

And those tech spec lovers, those blind monkeys, why would they want this? I suppose I'll differentiate for some time with my Jolla, he says, and fixes his hat with an almost invisible smile on his lips.

Hardware ratings: Basic users Advanced users Experienced users
But soon Joe lowers his face and the smile disappears.

They, the sheeps and monkeys, still have someting... The only thing I'm actually sad about are the apps. I'm using apps very often, and now I HAD TO INSTALL this damn Android Support to my Jolla.

Well it's actually ok, and those Android apps are running just great, but using them makes me just so ordinary. But those Sailfish apps... Those by Jolla ain't ready yet, and in overall the current selection of 250 hasn't got the ones I need. I wan't to see more and better apps. Made For Sailfish.

Have you heard about OpenRepos?

No, what's that?
Sailfish Apps ratings: Basic users Advanced users Experienced users
Joe's mind wonders around the available apps. OpenRepos sounds interesting, but it's not for him. Suddenly he remembers this guy Kimmo from Finland, a peculiar man probably sitting on his design desc 24/7. But very unlike man too, tinkering with all these TOH's.

Then he remembers Marc, the one responsible for all the software. Marc is great, and Joe admits to himself that seeing Marc on video, speaking from that big heart he's got, affected a lot into his buying decision. 

I'm a great fan of both these guys. I'm just a bit jealous to Kimmo for him TOH building skills, and to Marc for having that character and additionally as many Jolla's as he ever want.

 But then his hat almost starts to glow - Another unlike idea: 

Why not Kimmo and Marc put up a TOH factory together!
Bye guys... I have a question to add to TJC!

Joe holds on to his glowing tech-wear-hat and disappears fast.
Do you think we'll see him again? In the meanwhile, check those charts you missed above ;) For more updated charts with already more than 1000 reviews, the source is here

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EDIT: Carol, thanks for the new name for Joe - It's way better :)

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Data Source: Jolla phone owners
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Published: September 4, 2014 06:28 UTC
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