Monday 30 June 2014

Jolla pre-order campaign - Last Day

Reminder to pre-order campaign customers

[Edit] July 1, 2014: The campaign is now passed. There's still a PayPal campaign offering 10€ discount in with promo code: "Jolla <3 PayPal"

Original post, June 30, 2014:

Sunday 29 June 2014

Jolla Launcher for your Android phone

User Report Tool - Jolla Launcher on Android phones

How does Jolla Launcher run on different Android phone models? Use this quick tool to report how it runs on your Android and help all interested users who are about to install it. Live table showing the results coming up soon

Jolla phone supported LTE 4G Network operators worldwide

World map: Countries with LTE (4G) Networks supported by Jolla phone

[Updated] This popular topic has been upgraded. Check operators in your country

Saturday 28 June 2014

Jolla Mobile Phone - Price Update

Jolla phone's new price tag is 349€ (updated in June 2, 2014). This price was first introduced by DNA Kauppa (Finland), other retailers have followed soon. Prices are updated June 28, 2014:

Wednesday 25 June 2014

[Edited] Order Jolla to China, Japan, USA, Australia, and South Korea

Jolla phone delivered to several countries outside Europe via Finnair PlusShop

[Edit] June 30, 2014: I found this, after tipped of this possibility on a comment thread (Thanks!): PlusShop has added, at some point after this article was published, a note to their product page:
Notes Delivery only to EU countries, Switzerland and Norway

Friday 20 June 2014

Jolla launcher for Android starts with public testing

Ready by June, said Jolla at Mobile World Congress

We are proud to tell that we’ve reached a new milestone in the development of bringing the Sailfish OS experience to Android devices. The product will be officially called the ‘Jolla Launcher’, and our invitation based Alpha phase testing will start next week.

Jolla world cup 2014 team ambience

Ambience backgrounds for your favorite World cup teams on Jolla phone

These Background images are sized to fit as backgrounds for Jolla smartphone. I start this post with just a couple images for one of tonight's match pairs, and if people like these I'll add more - check back later

You can download the backgrounds to your Jolla simply by browsing to this page directly with your Sailfish Browser and clicking the images

Thursday 19 June 2014

Jolla LTE 4G supported countries and operators

[Jolla wiki] LTE 4G countries, operators, coverage and frequencies worldwide

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Jolla battery life power consumption problems

Update 18-Jun-2014 - It's Android support related

There is a bug, some processes caused by Android support are left running on the backgroud causing extra battery drain. More reports with different Android apps running (list them in your comment on the last page) would be very useful at this point, please contribute: User Report Tool

Tuesday 17 June 2014

[Edited] Jolla Boss - Big News coming

Marc Dillon at MWC 2014 with Makia and Rovio
The Other Halves,
 image by @myphonegr
Marc Dillon, co-founder and Head of software at Jolla gave a special interview to Iltalehti (Finnish magazine) published Jun-11-2014. Mr. Dillon was interviewed by Outi Järvinen, Kauppalehti. The article was published by Pauli Reinikainen, Iltasanomat and translated to English by Simo Ruoho, Review Jolla Blog

[quote] Marc Dillon's interview about Jolla by Norwegian

Is this the new Steve Jobs?

Norwegian published an interview with Marc Dillon, Co-founder and Head of Software at Jolla Oy. The article doesn't tell when the interview was given, and the only new pick I found is that Jolla is heading towards direct sales also in Italy. But this is what Marc Dillon said that I liked the most: “This is the world’s greatest mobile community”

Monday 16 June 2014

FIFA World Cup App on Jolla phone

Fuleco, the official mascot of the
2014 FIFA World Cup

Jolla runs smooth with the official FIFA World Cup App

On these days probably every blogger is following football, and I'm doing it also with my Jolla phone. Are you following Fifa World Cup 2014? This official FIFA app, available at Aptoide contains the basics like all matches, teams, stadiums, news, and of course - the world cup live scores.

[Video] Nokia N9 including Jolla's Sailfish OS and Android

Nokia N9 - Ubiboot (MeeGo, Android, Sailfish OS)

Predecessor of Sailfish OS, Meego Harmattan is the operating system of Nokia N9. With some (reasonable amount of) work it's possible to install many other OS's to the same phone. 

The 10min video below shows three operating systems installed on N9. Sailfish OS boots at 7min 30sec. This triple boot option is enabled through the use of Ubiboot, software which is run on the phone's bootloader before starting the operating system itself.

Thursday 12 June 2014

[Editorial] Should I buy a Jolla phone

Jolla phone with Sailfish OS faces the markets. Is Jolla better than...

"Design from Finland" So what? It's produced in Asia anyway. Anyway, Finnish character have some true benefits. First, during Nokia's sunrise in the 20th century Finland invested a lot into IT education. After Nokia's mobile phone manufacturing was sold to Microsoft, Finland was left with a lot of skilled and experienced engineers looking for new challenges.

Jolla phone News Shortage

Jolla has been very active in both their actions, releases and informing in the beginning of June. This shortage packs the most important for a quick read, dates working as links to the full content:

Wednesday 11 June 2014

[Devel mail] Sailfish OS update 8 on July

After some feedback Jolla is catching up in their openess in communication towards their 3rd party developers and customers.

Summer is coming fast and this is not as big update as Marc Dillon has promised to fall, using word "massive", but here's a nice pick from below: "Display each Android app in its own window in the home screen "

Soumya Bijjal, Software Project Manager at Jolla shared the following mail in a public developers mailing list:

[Letter] from Marc Dillon, Jolla

Mar Dillon
Co-founder, Head of
Software at Jolla

What is important to Jolla.
Everyone matters.

The last year has been the most difficult yet rewarding in our lives. Ooh my, what a journey in getting a product created, funded, planned, ultimately launched and sold. Everyone, from the original Maemo/Meego community of serious open source developers, to those who have found in Jolla a promise of an open and independent future, gave us the strength in ourselves to perform miracles and do the impossible. Which we did, together. We could not have done it without you.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

[Newsletter] June 2014

Latest newsletter from Jolla

Introducing the latest update
Sailfish OS Saapunki

Monday 9 June 2014

[HowTo] Jolla phone app folders

How to use the App folders in Jolla's Sailfish OS

After the June 2014 system update you can pile your apps to folders on Jolla. This enables e.g. using only one app screen below your home screen. The new feature is both great and intuitive, but if you don't know you have it you might easily miss it (your phone will not tell about it).

Jolla Sailfish OS update Saapunki

Saapunki lake near
Kuusamo, Finland (

Jolla system update, June 2014:
Sailfish OS Saapunki

Jolla combines the 6th & 7th system updates for Sailfish OS in the version "Saapunki". LTE/4G support is finally here, using fast 4G mobile networks. Navigation is still missing. WLAN N might cause occasional connectivity issues. Browser gets better with real tabs support (previously tabs were reloaded each time), but it's still far from perfect - e.g. copypaste from web pages is possible only from text field content. Sync with Google account is improved with 2-way-syncing for contacts.  Jolla has, again, delivered a nice update with a lot of visual and functional improvements and bug fixes - let's get into these:

[TechSpecs] Android on Jolla phone

[TechSpecs] Android 4.1.2 system info on Jolla phone

The topic isn't exactly right - Jolla uses Alien Dalvik running on top of the Sailfish OS as a virtual machine. It's an Android Open Sorce Project (AOSP) by Myriad - not the full Android OS by Google.

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Interest towards Jolla

Interest towards Jolla by Google Trends Charts

Chart 1: Usage of Google search term "Jolla" in Finland, past 12 months

Above, the peak in the middle is from November when Jolla was introduced
 Chart 2: Usage of Google search term "Jolla" in bigger markets, Dec-2013 - May-2014

India was very interested when Jolla phone was introduced, but the interest is getting lower as the phone is not yet available in any of these big markets. In Russia, lately there are already too few searches for calculation. Interest stays in better levels in India, at least so far. By the way, search term "La Jolla" is filtered from the charts.

Monday 2 June 2014

User Report Tool: Jolla battery consumption

RESULTS: See the table below

Thanks for each contribution so far - they truly made a difference! See Community DIT