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Sailfish OS Reviews

You're landed on great information channel for Sailfish OS, a Linux / Mer / Qt / Meego based mobile operating system developed by Jolla Oy, Finland.

This site has been found as a reliable news and information source by Heise (DE), Golem (DE), The Register (UK), Techcrunch (AOL, US) Tecmundo (BR), Tekniikan Maailma (FI), Ilta Sanomat (FI), and as useful by Sailfish OS mobile device owners for our reviews, tips and DIT tools. Make your mobile yours with us.

Contact email: reviewjolla@gmail.com

About Sailfish OS:

An independent, partner friendly operating system that fosters innovation. It’s unlike what you’re used to. But once you get the hang of the gesture based Sailfish OS, you’ll never want to go back. The highly adaptive Sailfish OS contains Open Source Software building blocks, welcoming collaboration or simply, free-time hacking. More

About Jolla Oy:

Jolla was born in 2011 out of the passion of its founders towards open innovation in the mobile space. Jolla is about offering a true alternative to the big players in the mobile industry. Our revolutionary Jolla smartphone, and the upcoming Jolla Tablet both run on the open and distinctive mobile operating system Sailfish OS, which was built on the heritage of MeeGo, an open source operating system formerly developed by Nokia among others. More

About the Editor in chief:

Hi all, I'm Simo Ruoho, currently studying IT & education in the university of Tampere, Finland. Authoring the biggest active Sailfish OS related blog in English is somewhat challenging, but also educational and rewarding.

I'm not in any business relationship with Jolla, and I'm not named as a community spokesperson. I'm writing from an independent point of view. I do hope to see a great story for Sailfish OS, but I drive to keep my posts objective reflecting both the voice of the community, the customers and the company. For reliability, among interviews, I tend to check and share my sources.

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Published: 2013-11-27
Updated: 2016-02-21