Saturday 30 August 2014

Install Jolla's Sailfish OS for Nexus 4

Image: Simonas Leleiva

Installing Sailfish OS, the operating system of Jolla phone, to Nexus 4 smartphone

Sailfish OS has been ported to Google Nexus 4, and it can be installed either next to Android using MultiROM or to replace Android totally. Version Alpha 4 is still considered as an early adopters version, not everything works yet but it's quite usable already. 

Friday 29 August 2014

Jolla Sailfish OS update name - Contest round 1

Guess and Win!

Review Jolla want's to thank our readers for their support, comments and voluntary funding by announcing Sailfish OS update name contest, round 1

Update: Time's up, please use the feedback form for even better next round

Friday 22 August 2014

Jolla Sailfish OS Source Codes

Open parts of Sailfish OS update 8 source codes in Jolla smartphone - all under GPL licence shared

All the Open Source codes under GPL licence from Jolla's operating system are packed into a public tar-file, earlier available only as a hardcopy ordered directly from Jolla Oy.

This is one step forward in the company openness, however there are still steps to take 

Thursday 21 August 2014

Jolla case - Record breaking financing

Image by Jukka Holm, shared in Twitter

Event presentation, IF14:
Jolla - Tractor Pulling Project

Antti Saarnio sharing the story from Jolla's beginning at Innovation Forum 2014, Finland this morning.

Back in 2011 Jolla gathered breaking record of 30M€ financing with just few men who are making impossible to possible, believing to it

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Sailfish OS Nexus 5 CyanogenMod 11

Hacking has started!
  • [video] Testing HADK: Jolla's Sailfish OS with CyanogenMod 11 powered Nexus 5
Update, August 19: Version Alpha 3 released
  • Supporting Bluetooth, Untrusted software, Device lock...

Monday 18 August 2014

Jolla contests - Win nice prizes

DIT Tool: Jolla official and unofficial contests

List of contents, polls and competitions with Jolla Sailfish OS related prizes.

This list is updated by both the contest organizers and our readers, so anyone can find and post information about the latest ongoing contests.

Friday 15 August 2014

Jolla twitter competition: Win VIP package

Update August 15, 2014:
  • 2nd unboxing video added
Updated August 13, 2014:
  • Winner will be announced later this week (tweet by Jolla)
  • Unboxing video added
Updated August 11, 2014:
  • Photos of the VIP Package added. Thanks Kimmoli!

Jolla phone 3rd party The Other Half - community projects

Community built Jolla accessories

UPDATE, August 15, 2014: Kimmo Lindholm has started his next project: FM TOH, an FM Radio receiver. See the video and read about the first steps.

Jolla's customers have been looking forward for smart covers, called The Other Half by Jolla, including some hardware as Jolla phone enables these via its I2C connection port. So far Jolla has been selling only The Other Half models capable of changing the phone's ambience, communicating with the phone via NFC

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Marc Dillon's speech in Kazakhstan

Video from Jolla Night, Kazakhstan

by Vladimir Senchenko, Mobile Invest, English speech by Marc Dillon. Translated live to Russian, 18 minutes, recorded July 25, 2014

In short: Marc Dillon representing the company, The phone and the community with lot's of passion and love, also mentioning his mother.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Launch Event: Jolla Experience Night, Hong Kong, China

Event coverage:
Jolla Experience Night

  • Photos shared from on-site
  • Who won the VIP lottery?
Macau Yat Yuen Centre
Hong Kong, China
August 12, 2014, 7 PM local time

[Press release] Sailfish OS smartphone Jolla to Hong Kong

Launch exclusively via 3 Hong Kong

  • 3 Hong Kong is the first operator in Asia partnering with Jolla Ltd. to launch the new Finnish smartphone running Jolla’s own Sailfish operating system (OS)
  • Customers subscribing to 3 Hong Kong’s 4G LTE smartphone super plan can take advantage of a Jolla handset offer for $0

Monday 11 August 2014

Jolla phone markets and prices worldwide

Are we seeing the next price cut soon?
Jolla has not promised changes to the prices in the close future, but this is clearly expected by customers right at, or soon after, entering the new markets in Asia

How about Russian markets?
Customers from Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan can already order their Jolla phones via official distributor Mobile Invest

List prices of Jolla phone? 
All the current list prices are here, updated August 11, 2014:

Saturday 9 August 2014

Jolla Sailfish OS Web Page - New Looks

Jolla: We are unlike

"The world doesn’t need yet another smartphone – it needs a new way of thinking. That’s why Jolla was born. We want to challenge the dominant perceptions. We want to create an innovation platform for ideas, opportunities and openness. Open Jolla, a new way of thinking."

Looking great! The layout of the official Jolla web page has been updated

Friday 8 August 2014

Jolla boat and the sailfishes - part 2

Stories behind the names

...As two loves have I

Yacht or Dinghy for Purpose,
insignificant given the ocean's vastness
sending my consciousness swimming with
dolphins, as they will tell the secrets as to which it should be for a life vest of purpose

Part of "Yacht or Dinghy for Purpose"
by Vivian L Dawson

Thursday 7 August 2014

webCat, Sailfish browser for Jolla Smartphone supporting landscape

Leszek Lesner has coded an alternative webCat browser for Jolla. It's a native SailfishOS browser, and it's available for download either at github, openrepos or at Jolla Store.

Update: Version 0.9.7 released on August 6, 2014 includes some great new features like search on page

Sunday 3 August 2014

Jolla boat and the sailfishes - part 1

Stories behind the names

And this is the moral of all that is,
And it’s only known to two
Put out in your dinghy with confidence,
To show what a man can do.

"To Show What a Man Can Do" by Henry Lawson