Friday 19 September 2014

Jolla is available in China mainland via Taobao

[Official] Jolla is available also in China mainland

Taobao, a giant online store in China, have been selling Sailfish OS Jolla smartphone already for a while.

Jolla does not sell to China, but product is available in China via Jolla channel partner to order as a Hong Kong import product from Taobao. Jolla Oy has confirmed that this retailer belongs to one of their channel partners.

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Taobao has been selling Jolla phones already for a while, but Jolla Oy has left all the informing about this to their channel partner Express Fortune Limited

Jolla's partner has opened a webshop in Taobao, huge online market part of worldwide Alibaba chain. The size of Alibaba is huge, as are the mobile phone markets in China. To get even an idea of their size, Alibaba is about to be listed in New York stock markets with EUR 24 billion (more than Facebook)
Currently Jolla Oy is gathering new investments in China to enable their long planned Sailfish OS ecosystem for the huge markets of China, mainland.

Even a fraction of this market would be remarkable advance for this Finnish company, as more than 250 million smartphones are expected to be sold in China 2015 (estimated).

We're familiar with the fact that Jolla hasn't published any market data, but even if only one of a thousand phones sold there would be a Jolla, that would already mean 700 phones sold daily. Enough to keep 125 employees on their salary, right? Currently Taobao is selling Jolla smartphone with a price tag of 2909 Yuan (365€)

Short marketing history of Jolla phones

  • Jolla started their sales in Finland November 27, 2013. After that they soon opened the sales to the markets of EU, Switzerland and Norway via their online shop.
  • Express Fortune Limited opened webshop selling Jolla at (link opens the Chinese product page) in the summer of 2014, delivering to most parts of China mainland and Tibet
  • In July 25, 2014 the first Jolla showroom in Asia was opened in Kazakhstan. This partner delivers Jolla to all CIS countries including Russia.
  • In August 12, 2014 mobile operator Three Hong Kong launched Jolla phone to Hong Kong markets with a nice looking campaign and a special VIP package including all four The Other Half smartcovers
  • In September 23, 2014 Jolla is available in India via another huge online marketplace Originally the launch was expected to take place already in August, but there's obviously been some delays we're not aware of
  • Just recently (September 6, 2014) Jolla has started to gather emails from people in Namibia, planning a launch to a whole new content Africa. We can already see the preparations in the form of ICASA terms visible on the phone settings.

The next big step is expected to take place in China after Jolla's 3rd round of financing reaches its goals. We've read about a big ecosystem to be built around Sailfish OS, but market of this size requires huge investments before it could be opened in full, already for having enough of devices ready.

Review Jolla wishes all the customers from each country very welcome to our unlike community. Chinese is a very interesting language:

卓藍 Jolla

旗魚 Sailfish

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Sources: Jolla, Taobao, iResearchGlobal, YLE, Taloussanomat
Published: September 19, 2014 11:33 UTC
Updated: September 19, 2014 11:44 UTC

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  1. I just don't know how this is going to sell. 2909 Yuan is a brutally expensive price for the Chinese market for such a low end piece of hardware. For reference, the flagship Meizu MX4, with a 5.4" screen of 4x the resolution, fast chipset, 20MP Sony sensor & lens, 2GB of RAM & 3100mAH battery, and much higher quality packaging, the 16GB version goes for only 1700 Yuan. I guess a few Linux enthusiasts and hipsters might pick it up ... but who else?