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Hi everyone, let's DIT (Do It Together) to help:
  • Sailfish OS device owners for better knowledge of their devices
  • App developers to have the most wanted apps
  • Jolla Sailors, delivering important data from users
  • Note: Please contribute also at TJC

[POPULAR] Sea of information
Great search tool for information on Sailfish OS. You can limit your search to the community, to the official sites only, or to this site - just as you wish. Look out to sea!

[POPULAR] Your Review of Jolla phone
Average evaluation of Jolla phone from hundreds of end customers. Please join this! Contributing after each system update enables delivering the most reliable data to Jolla Sailors too

[POPULAR] Which external devices Jolla supports?
Share your experience on how the external devices (e.g. Bluetooth headsets, Car kits, SD cards, GPS receivers, game pads) are working with your device

Jolla phone retailers worldwide
Interactive map and the list of current retailers. Simple form to report a new retailer not yet listed. See who is selling Jolla phones.

Does Jolla support LTE 4G Network in my country?
Interactive table and map with 4G mobile network providers for Jolla. Simple form to add new country, network, coverage map link and APN fix (if needed)

Competitions with Jolla related prizes
List of past, ongoing and any known upcoming competitions anywhere. Simple form to add a new competition to the list

On which devices Jolla launcher works?
Interactive table added after some reports - we've just started. Simple form to report how the launcher runs on your Android.

How does different Sailfish and Android apps run on Jolla?
Reporting any apps is extremely useful for both users (Jolla owners), app developers (3rd parties) and Android support developers (myriad Alien-Dalvik / Jolla). Both the tool and all the reported devices are visible on the same page. New reports are updated to the sorted table monthly.

[On hold if needed again] Jolla battery life
The tool is left open for possible future needs. Great example of a successful community work: With more than 100 user reports sent 2013 we managed to locate the NFC bug together, report it to Jolla, and get a fix in a short time. The story so far:

  • 13-Dec-2013 Project started at Review Jolla blog. Jolla Tides and Jolla Suomi soon joined the effort sharing the report tool in their sites
  • 19-Dec-2013 with all the reports sent so far, bug hunting started
  • 22-Dec-2013 NFC bug was located, confirmed and reported to Jolla
  • 23-Dec-2013 Tool was updated after three workarounds (removing TOH, masking tohd.service or covering NFC chip with tin foil) were known. Community started to contribute new reports with a workaround in use.
  • Soon these new reports confirmed the importance of this bug (huge effect to Jolla's battery life)
  • 31-Jan-2014 Jolla delivered a fix to their customers with Sailfish OS Naamankajärvi. Report tool was closed.
  • 10-Feb-2014 Report tool was reopened. Story continues...
  • 18-Feb-2014 Jolla Users joined the contribution. Welcome along, we hope to see a lot of new battery life reports!
  • 2-Jun-2014 Stage 3 reports were analyzed, but the difference in power consumption was within the error limits of the analyze result, so I can't say for sure that the power consumption has been changed after 1.0.4 update. There was a slight probability for some more battery drain, but a reliable result would have required even more test reports with longer test periods. 
  • AFTER 1.0.7.x update - Stage 4 begins, let's send some reports ;)
  • AFTER 1.0.8.x update - Stage 4 going on, let's send some reports ;)
  • 1-Sep-2014 - It seems we're not getting enough reports for another reliable analyze. Tool is left open for possible future needs.
Note to other Jolla communities (blogs, sites, forums)

The Tools listed are used in DIT spirit in the unlike Jolla community. To add any tool to your own site/blog, just ask the embed code via reviewjolla@gmail.com

First tool published: 2013-12-15
Latest tool added: 2016-04-13
Latest activity: Constant updates, especially on the popular tools