Thursday 11 September 2014

500 miles Together

Together Jolla Community active voters

Looking at the user list at, it's ordered by default by an overall karma score. Karma is gained when your questions, answers and comments are upvoted by other users

How about looking at the activity from another, as important point of view?

500 miles Together  - Jolla Together user activity by the Given Votes

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Listing users by their "popularity" is the default setup for Askbot platform and not a bad choise at all. However, I'd like to lift up some of the Jolla owners who are not asking a lot of questions or answering them, but instead reading a lot and helping the important posts gain some visibility.

Voters TOP20 can currently be reached giving 500 votes
  1. 1702 votes: nthn (Belgium)
    - 1855 karma
    - 14 questions, 51 answers
  2. 1380 votes: Alex (Germany)
    - 2274 karma
    - 49 questions, 15 answers
  3. 1169 votes: simo (Finland)
    - 9192 karma
    - 40 questions, 100 answers
  4. 1079 votes: MartinK (-)
    - 4481 karma
    - 17 questions, 20 answers
  5. 765 votes: TeHeR (France)
  6. 666 votes: cquence (Greece)
  7. 665 votes: Drekkarian (-)
  8. 661 votes: Mike Bradshaw (Finland)
  9. 639 votes: (Italy)
  10. 626 votes: Timo Kuitunen (Finland)
  11. 612 votes: Neo (Serbia)
  12. 595 votes: Oskar Weltzl (Austria)
  13. 594 votes: Paul Ortyl (-)
  14. 569 votes: chemist (-) [moderator]
  15. 553 votes: caprico (Switzerland)
  16. 549 votes: Juhana Sirén (Finland)
  17. 539 votes: Regis Berdat (Switzerland)
  18. 530 votes: Alessandro (Italy)
  19. 527 votes: Simo Sahla (Finland)
  20. 503 votes: torti17 (-)
I'd like to share our gratitude to each Sailor above - Some might not be visible otherwise or active elsewhere, some are, but all these Sailors sure do a great job for our unlike community. Note: list includes only active users and might be incomplete. It shows the votes given before September 11th, 2014

Jolla Together Community is a public forum used by Jolla phone owners, developers and Jolla Oy personnel. People share reports, questions, feature requests and other stuff hoping them to be voted up and recognized by Jolla.

It takes 17 active days (using all daily votes) to reach this list, now go and select your questions or answers to vote.

Some Sailors at Jolla are active in responding too, special thanks the mr. Mosconi for contributing a lot lately. You can join this community by logging in with your Jolla account. No separate registration needed, welcome along!

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Published: September 11, 2014 08:03 UTC
Updated: September 11, 2014 08:42 UTC