Monday 21 December 2015

[News] Lay-offs canceled at Jolla

Sailors at Jolla to get back on board

Lay-offs of 70 employees at Jolla have all been canceled, and Jolla is currently recruiting back their key resources. The aim is to continue with about half of the amount of Sailors compared to the situation before the lay-offs.

End of the year is perfect time for some good news, and this is not the only one. Teaser included

Friday 18 December 2015

[News] Jolla to continue Sailfish OS development

Financing round for series C closed, Jolla bypasses 3rd death valley

Summarizing a very interesting community meeting and a later press release by Jolla. Antti Saarnio, Head of Jolla, shares positive news on Jolla's financial situation. Juhani Lassila, Head of Communication, shares us some more details on both the meeting outcome and the press release.

Friday 11 December 2015

News update: Debts on hold at Jolla

Debt restructuring and Sailfish OS 2.0.1 update 

As part of Jolla's debt restructuring process, The Court in Finland has set Jolla's debts to temporary hold until the starting of the actual process is decided. In the meanwhile, Jolla is looking forward for financial round for December, and preparing the next system update for their Sailfish OS mobile operating system. Juhani Lassila, Head of Communications at Jolla, seems positive on financing.