Thursday 27 November 2014

Congratulations! 1 year of Jolla phone sales in Finland

Congrats, Unlike Community!

November 27th, 2013, The First Jolla phone was sold. Before and after that, it's all about the people. Now, after exactly 1 year, let's keep up Doing It Together!


Tuesday 25 November 2014

Optimal screen resolution on mobile devices

[Editorial] human physics facing technical limits

This time I take a more general view into the display resolution issues, including some facts about physics, some THX recommendations, and some hardware performance issues, in a hunt for an optimal resolution to any mobile phones and tablets.

Sunday 23 November 2014

[video] Marc Dillon, Slush 2014 event

Slush 2014 Event, Helsinki, Finland

Marc Dillon, COO and Co-Founder at Jolla was up on Silver stage, Slush 2014 on Wednesday, November 19 sharing "impossible story", and revealing a new Sailfish OS device: Jolla Tablet

Video Updates:
 - Marc Dillon on stage by Slush
 - Marc Dillon's interview by Joonas Villanen 

Wednesday 19 November 2014

[Translated news] Interview with Antti Saarnio, CEO at Jolla

YLE News, Finland:
Jolla wishes to cooperate with Nokia

YLE News interviewed Antti Saarnio, CEO at Jolla at the Slush conference on Wednesday. News was published in Finnish today, here's the same in English:

Jolla, who introduced a new tablet device at Slush conference, searches major manufacturers as partners. Finnish companies must work together, says Antti Saarnio, Chairman at Jolla.

[News] Jolla Tablet introduced

Announcement: New Sailfish OS device

November 19, 2014, Helsinki, Finland: Jolla introduced Jolla Tablet at Slush 2014 conference. It's People Powered, meaning crowd funded, with $1 million after 1.5 days from launch

Update: Trending top3, all time top20

Saturday 15 November 2014

Marc Dillon, Jolla: The Impossible Story continues

Event: Slush 2014, Helsinki, Finland

Marc Dillon up on stage on Wednesday at 8:35 UTC. If you're watching using Jolla phone, please select Android browser supporting the video stream

Friday 14 November 2014

What's this Jolla?

Teaser image, let's start the guessing

Jolla shared the image of a corner of SOMETHING in their main page at November 14, 2014. There's nothing more than a timer, counting down towards the Slush14 Event at Helsinki, Finland, but what's the corner?

Zooming in...

Monday 10 November 2014

[News] Online Jolla Shop opens in Russia

[Press] Jolla sails to Russia - Jolla уже совсем скоро в России!

Previously it was possible to order a Jolla phone to Russia only via partner in Kazakhstan, delivering to all CIS countries.

Now there is another option: is open and is delivering Jolla phones to Russian markets starting from the end of November.

[Interview] All these people in the community rushing to support us

Project follow up: TOH KBD

Two weeks ago we shared the QWERTY Keyboard project launch by Dirk van Leersum, Andrew Zhilin and Kimmo Lindholm.

Project reached the financial goal of 55 000 EUR in few hours, and it's now well above 100 000 EUR. Now, all three of you, how has it been?