Tuesday 23 September 2014

[event] Sailfish OS Jolla Launch, India

Updated - Price, Early Sailor offer, Voucher contest, Event photos (9)

Organized by: Snapdeal and Jolla Oy
Venue: Le Meridien hotel, New Delhi, India
Time: 07:30 UTC (local time 13:00 IST)

[event] Sailfish OS Jolla Launch,India

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16 499 INR (210,69 EUR) 

And even better, first 90 customers are getting a VIP Box

Link to order your phone 

Snapdeal also had a quick contest, sharing 5 discount vouchers worth 1000INR (13€):

From Naresh Sagar (Youtube):

From JollaHQ (Twitter):
Tony Navin (Snapdeal), Marc Dillon & Sami Pienimäki (Jolla Oy)

From Jagmeed Singh (Twitter):

From Neha Sawhney (Twitter):

From GizBot (Twitter):

From Mohammed Adeeb (Twitter):

From Telecom TALK (Twitter):

From Debashis Sharkar (Twitter):

Jolla Oy (Twitter): All set for the Jolla India launch today with @snapdeal #jolla #india #unlike

Marc Dillon (fb): Updating devices for press and bloggers, Jolla works everywhere ;-P

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Price source: Snapdeal webshop
Image sources: Mentioned above each image
Published: September 23, 2014 06:13 UTC
Updated: September 23, 2014 07:56 UTC

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