Monday 30 December 2013

Security update: Online with Sailfish, Android browsers and apps

Just a few common Android Browsers. Famous Firefox missing

Google DNS usage located on Jolla

It's been found out that Myriad Alien Dalvik, service on which all Android applications run on Jolla, sets Jolla to use Google's DNS server in Android environment. This DNS is in use for all Android applications connecting to the internet, including Browsers, SoMe Apps (fb, twitter, whatsapp etc...) and any other applications. This means that every URL you send via an Android app is first sent to Google. This doesn't happen only on Alien Dalvik - It's normal in all Android environments. Android is Google's property.

A lot of Jolla users have installed Android support (myself included) without knowing this - but here we have another great example of the OpenSource ideology: This was discovered, and now the info is spreading fast through the community.

Those who don't want to send their every "net step" via Google have exactly two options: Use Sailfish Browser (in a network not using Google's DNS) or hack the Alien Dalvik (to use a different DNS, in a network likewise). Personally I'm using a lot of Google's services, knowing that they are profiling me all the time to show me the most attractive commercials. The world is full of people like me - 81% of all the smartphones in the world are Androids. Among Jolla owners, however, the percentage might be a lot smaller. Some people care. Knowledge is Power, and we can only hope for Google to use their huge "property" wisely.

DNS - Short basics

DNS server is always the first place connected when enterin the net. It offers the directions to the required content. A simple example:
  • You enter into your browser
  • that text is sent to the DNS server, normally one defined by your network provided
  • DNS server returns a numeric address where the named site locates (, Ireland)
  • Your phone builds a connection to that server (via several servers on the way)
  • Content is transferred to your phone

Sailfish Browser

The biggest reason for people using Android browsers on their Jolla is that Sailfish browser looks like an alpha version so far. It has 5 virtual buttons (back/forward/refresh/favourite/tabs) and 3 more pulley menu items behind tabs (new tab, close all tabs, share). Sharing opens a simple link share with adding your own writing - nothing more. The browser also include a few bugs, crashing sometimes with no explanations. However, there's someting good: Gecko based user agent is modern, and scores very well in for example html5 test (You can try by opening with your Jolla browser)

Updates wanted and expected

Users have been patient while waiting for new features to be released, but this finding in Alien Dalvik could cause some wishes for faster browser app updates - remains to be seen. New features are promised during Q1/2014, but nobody knows what they are. Other important updates are 4G/LTE support, NFC bug fix (should be available in couple of weeks) and Store related bugs (downloading / connection problems), just to name a few. So far, Jolla has released two larger updates (1st for bug fixes, 2nd for some features and more bugfixes) with unexpected speed. Jolla has managed to keep their community quite happy, considering the amount of things needed to be done. Most whining has been seen in Jolla's policy in informing their customers and a slow care response in common.

HowTo: Install and setup Go Launcher EX on Jolla

GO Launcher EX: Changing the Home Screen with a swipe gesture
Included HowTo: Photo tweet with Jolla
1. warning: There are too many images of my sofa. And too many images.

2.: This is not an Android advertisement - the launcher is just an app. And it looks better than an Android UI
(It's actually pretty - but just think about Sailfish after years of development)

Some important basics

  • Go Launcher EX is a FULL launcher for Android apps. It actually looks like an Operating System UI (User Interface) in your eyes. But looking at it from the Sailfish point of view, it's just one Android app running on our nice Alien Dalvik surface. 
  • Go launcher EX can run on the baackground like any other Android App - in an active cover.
  • In use, Go Launcer EX feels like an OS, but it can handle only the Android related content installed to your phone. For example it can't use Sailfish camera app - it needs an Android one.
  • App uses alien dalvik pointed folders for saving stuff like images and music. It has access to some Sailfish folders too (the ones shared by Sailfish). Not all alien dalvik folders are accessible via Sailfish or computer (Beta?)
  • GO Launcer EX is a big app, so it uses some memory. During my tests it crashed the Aalien Dalvik several times, closing all my running Android apps - but I'm quite a heavy tester. Anyway, recommended to use simple preferences and minimum amount of screens / widgets etc...But in my overall experience, I'm about to hold on to this as long as Sailfish is in Beta stage.


1. Android support installed
2. Aptoide store installed
(or any other store with GO stuff available)

Both are instructed in a previous post HowTo: Flash Player for Jolla 


Open store, search for "Go Launcher EX". Install
 Go back, search for "GO " <-- note the space, it's a nice filter for this:
Install some widgets you might like.
(Not all widgets work, but those can be removed later.)


Close the store, go down to your Sailfish launcher screen. Tap the App "Go Launcher EX"

Setting up

First, get rid of stuff that doesn't work. Icons like Go Store and Market leads you to Google Play, so if you haven't hacked one to your phone, these are all trash. Remove them from both the home screen and the footer menu by HOLD & DRAG (garbage is at top, and top turns out red when it's time to drop). Here, another working App (TuneIn radio) is beeing dragged:

Setting up your own home screen

In GO Launcer EX the amount of home screens is not much restricted, but I recommend to use only 1-3 for memory reasons. HOLD on your empty home screen to open the edit view showing the grid (grid is customizable, more about that later):
Desired home screen can be selected with swipe gesture. Icons and widgets are selected from the footer menu. They fly to the selected home screen when tapped. Here, an 4x2 sized clock widget (downloaded from Aptoide earlier) is flying to the first free grid space:
Clock is placed and another widget, Go Power Master selected:
Second widget placed, time to move on:
I didn't want any icons here, so I just pressed the virtual back button to return to my home screen. Next, I selected my wanted footer menu icons (HOLD on icon to move/throw away, HOLD on empty space between icons to add a new one).
The footer menu is scrollable with swipes to left and right like the home screens, and the footer can hold a nice amount of icons (customizable)
 Above, I'm scrolling to another home screen on right. In there I have set a couple of weather widgets and one great GO App (included to the Launceh) called Custom Gesture (returning to that later):
 Ok, two home screens are ready. Time to get rid of the rest, the next view opens via "Menu" (3 dots down right) --> "Edit":
Home screens are moved to garbage just like any widget or icon. HOLD+DRAG&DROP

Ok, back home - time to study some gestures (right, this is Jolla). I've tapped "+" and saved this gesture earlier, so now I just draw it again. It should...
Open my Twitter App. Yes! Clicking the camera icon won't open your Sailfish Camera, but I happen to have another: HDR Camera for Android (Zoom camera is another great camera app). Taking a boring photo of my sofa surface:
Some cropping, maybe adding a nice filter from below?
 Nope. Original is nice. After Save I'm back in Twitter, and there seems to be some more editing options.
Wow, another set of filters in Twitter:
Cropping more, just to test it:
Time to send. Adding text:
And there it flies in bits, from my Jolla, via WLAN to my router, via Cables and satellites all the way to the Twitter servers in US. That didn't take long:

Oh sorry folks... I got a way out of line. Wasn't I suppose to present GO Launcher EX, not sending my sofa bits to US... Above, pressing the Android App menu opens a list of active Android Apps and leaves Twitter to run on the backgound. Back to the GO Launcher, and next, entering Settings:
 Oops, NONE of these works. Unfortunately, Go Launcher EX has not direct access to Jolla Hardware. So let's move to the Preferences. There are plenty, so I'm selecting a view most Unlike:
Multi finger gestrures... No change to get those, at least not yet (requires paid version). Well, check the rest of the preferences yourself, these images were just about as boring as my sofa. Let's hit the Go Launcher Gallery (included App):

Interesting... There are my Sailfish photos too. And in the camera folder, the 187 seems like amount of all my photos taken with both Sailfish Camera App and HDR Camera App. Let's see what we can do with these images...
Additional to a nice dia show possibilty (Sorry folks, not showing all those girls to you), there seems to be a share option like in Sailfish. And yes, I've tested it to work with all the apps above - if you have other social media apps, I suppose they work as well. Returning home now and tapping my weather widget:
This one has a nice backround image. The clouds are moving (what? You don't see?) City can be changed with swipe (if you have selected more then one, see menu on top corner). This looks like something I'd like to see on Sailfish. The unlike OverSideSwipe does the trick again: The last active Android screen is snapshotted as an active cover:
But wait... Those cloud are still moving (What? You still can't see?) Could this app be up to date in a cover? Can't tell, as I don't have time to wait for the forecast to change. (EDIT: No, it isn't). Now visiting back at that app, changing the city and adding some more sailfish covers to not to look like an Android fan:
Screen Shot is a must have - from Jolla Store! CSD Tool is an app ment for Developer testing (included, but hidden). My terminal is showing some action too. Now this screen is more unlike :)

Additional Notes:

  • Free GO widgets include annoying adds. I don't advertise on this blog so far, so you didn't see any :)
  • I recommend installing some Android Camera for full benefit of the GO Launcher EX Gallery. However, you don't need the whole launcher for sending photos to Twitter - for that, just the camera app is enough.
  • All Android Apps using a clock seems to show UTC time. I've tweaked my alien to the correct time zone, and both my navi + these widgets showed correct time when opened - but the time in widgets isn't updated until opened again. Beta - hopefully not worse.
  • Facebook is not fully functional with the camera. Photos shared must be moved via gallery.
  • Skype can use your camera, and it doesn't need either camera app. Even the image rotation is right with the front camera there - unlike in many other apps. Beta again.
  • Sorry for the sofa images... Maybe I'll ask my wife to pose next time. Beta photographer...
  • Important: Aptoide is not officially supported... own responsibilty... etc... you know.

Unlike New Year!

Glad to be back :)

Sunday 29 December 2013

Closed - Jolla missing OpenSource policy

 Edit 31-Jan-2014: Thanks Jolla, on behalf of the whole community! With Sailfish OS update Naamankajärvi, Jolla has delivered the solution. It's now possible to remove the OEM lock  via updated recovery menu. OpenSource policy is coming back :)

A pick from the changelog:
  • Improved recovery mode functionality introducing new features such as bootloader unlocking, shell and filesystem recovery options
Earlier Marc Dillon already tweeded this promise, now (only a month later) carried out:

Original article 29-Dec-2013:

Due to an unexpected turn that Jolla has locked their phone from OpenSource developers without warning them or discussing with them in advance, I'm stopping my contributing to the community. My contributing was done without benefits in a believe for having the most OpenSource favoured phone in the market.

Besides that this is the last article I write, I'm pulling out of my ongoing bug tracking projects: One conserning location services, 2 conserning memory handling, one possibly related to i2c/NFC (the project wasn't started yet).

My phone went OEM locked after Sailfish update (version was installed. I'm ready to join the community again only after OpenSource policy is back, and I see a decent explanation of why the act was done the way it was (sudden, silent way and not e.g. offering a separate, OpenSource solution for those who would have liked it at the same time).

For information:
  • OEM lock enables the manufacturer and 3rd parties to enter hidden code into system. For example in China, where the government has a strict policy to the community, phones sold there are usually OEM locked.
  • No phone in the market is true OpenSource, and I didn't expect Jolla to be one either. There's always some closed, copyrighted code included, especially from the hardware part manufacturers, and this is somewhat acceptable. So far, Jolla was doing a great job having as much OpenSource code in their phone as possible.
  • Sailfish OS itself remains as OpenSource - Jolla has included some of their own, copyrighted code into the phone, so the phone's operating system is partially OpenSource, partially closed.
Thank's to all my readers, thanks to all Jolla owners contributing with me, and thanks for sharing the information (,,,,,  and all the other great forums). In my opinion, the best way to return the company to the desired level of OpenSource policy is to pause until it's seen again. Hope to see you soon.

Simo Ruoho

Edit 29-Dec at 20:35 UTC: Workaround was not only published quick by @bencord0, but it was also shared quickly by Harri Hakulinen, chief engineer at Jolla. Jolla's phone stays OEM locked until the official solution for developers is presented, but booting the phone with your own images is possible again Not tested, so please confirm by comment when you've tried. In conclusion, I hope this brings some talented brains back to #jolla2gether. I'm not counting myself to this group, but I'll contribute again - mostly thanks to Jolla's fast reaction.

Saturday 28 December 2013

User Report Tool: Jolla and external devices

List of devices and a report tool for new ones

Community DIT tool for reporting external device functionality with Jolla smartphone. Please contribute. Results gathered with this tool are also shared here to all Jolla users and developers and the final goal is - of course - to get all external devices to work with Jolla. Join the unlike community with reporting your experiences:

Could Jolla drop Beta sign with Sailfish Maadajavri

Sailfish Maadâjävri - picks from the changelog

HowTo: Settings --> About product --> pulley menu, check for updates. WLAN recommended.

In short: This is the second larger update for Sailfish, enabling better hardware support for Android Apps (e.g. Skype video calls, both cameras), one direction synching with Google calendar and better certification support for MS Exhange. What we're still missing after this update are a fix to the NFC bug, turn-by turn navigation for native Here maps, and landscape mode in several apps. Camera does support all 4 orientations now.

Picks from the changelog (full)

  • Camera: Improvements in exposure time and auto focus in low light conditions, improved switching from rear to front camera. Skype video calls are tested to work with both cameras.
  • Twitter: Better support for high flow of tweets
  • Messages: Multiple recipients can now be picked from favorites
  • Clock now shows the correct time in alarm list and cover for all timezones
  • Bluetooth: OBEX push requests from trusted devices are now automatically accepted, a more informative progress bar is shown during BT discovery
  • Mail: multiple bug fixes
  • Documents from transfer UI can now be opened with Office app

Known bugs not yet fixed in this release

    • NFC battery bug fix (coming soon)
    • 4G/LTE connection. Official statement: LTE supporten countries and operators will be published later. Some speculation at Jolla Detailed Hardware Specs
    • Camera support for more Android apps (still not working in Facebook, Twitter)
    • Landscape mode for several sailfish apps. No news about development
    • Navigation feature for Jolla's HERE Maps. No news about development. Several Android navigation apps are reported to work, some better, some worse.
    • Shared calendar synch missing both in Google calendar and MS exchange. No news about development.

    Upcoming Sailfish update releases

    •  2nd week of Janyary, 2014 (estimated):
      Hotfix for NFC battery life bug
    • Q1/2014: New features promised

      Sailfish Maadâjävri ?

      Maadâjarvi, photo by Pekka Manninen (Picasa album)
      Another update named by a lake, this time in same (language spoken in Lapland). The lake is located at Inari, Finland, and the name translates as "Southern lake" or "Base lake". Jolla has stated that they are using lakes of Finland in naming updates of Sailfish OS. There are 187 888 lakes in Finland, including the small ones, so we might have more than few updates coming. Looking at the size of Maadâjarvi, we could speculate that this is a bigger update than the previous one - but I'm still holding my breath for Sailfish Saimaa! Map below shows the finnish name, "Tyvijärvi". Oh, and just for note: There are no real sailfishes in any lakes in Finland.

      Näytä suurempi kartta

      Friday 27 December 2013

      Jolla HowTo: Workaround for battery life NFC bug

      Link to mobile view for Jolla Sailfish browser (browser is not automatically recognized yet):

      After publishing an article about finding the NFC bug, lot's of users have tested workarounds to fix the bug. The software solution given there is now confirmed as safe, so I share it again in this detailed HowTo. Workarounds like this remains the only change for users to extend their battery life for normal level, as the next Sailfish update 2, version does not offer a fix the this bug yet, but an update is on it's way:

      To enable developer superuser mode in Jolla

      1. Go to Jolla Settings -> Developer Mode
      2. Enable developer mode. Enable SSH connection.
      3. Enter or generate a new password (options are visible after SSH). Remember it and Save.
      4. Reboot your phone
      After steps above, your phone has a new app called Terminal in the laucher view. Via terminal you are able to give commands to the phone as a root user, and practically everything is possible there - even causing the phone not to start, so please be careful and doublecheck every letter you write there. Giving wrong commands might affect to the warranty of your phone.

      To prevent Jolla's communication with The Other Half (NFC bug)

      Open terminal. You see an exchanged keyboard, and an enter line showing "bash-3.2$ ". That's where you write your commands. During the following commands, the enter line changes to "bash-3.2# ", telling you that you have entered developer superuser mode. In this mode it's possible to command the phone's hardware. During your writing, either the keyboard or the command line is higlighted - you can write even when keyboard changes to grey. Write the bolded commands below, and press enter after each:

      devel-su <- you command your terminal to enter developer superuser mode
      (your password) <- note: invisible writing. Jolla confirms that you are the superuser
      systemctl mask tohd.service <- you put a mask to a buggy service commanding NFC chip
      systemctl stop tohd.service <- you stop the service
      exit <- you leave the devel-su mode
      exit <- you leave the terminal (it closes)

      Terminal closes, and you have now a phone using less battery. Cconsumption is reduced by 2% per hour, giving you max 500h standby time. Your phone does not recognize The Other Half any more, so the ambience does not change when you attach it. Everything else is normal. Masking the service, like commanded above, prevents the phone to enable connection after reboot, so this offers a permanent fix until removed.

      To return everything the way it was

      After Jolla distributes a Sailfish OS update fixing the NFC bug, you can remove your changes to the system. It's safer to do before installing that update, but this should work as well after it. Open terminal again, write the bolded commands below, and press enter after each:

      devel-su <- you command your terminal to enter developer superuser mode
      (your password) <- note: invisible writing. Jolla confirms that you are the developer.
      systemctl unmask tohd.service <- you take the mask away, so the system can find the service again
      systemctl start tohd.service <- you start the service
      exit <- you leave the devel-su mode
      exit <- you leave the terminal (it closes)

      Terminal closes, and your Jolla can communicate with The Other Half again.

      Is this all safe?

      According to Harri Hakulinen, Chief engineer at Jolla, yes it is:
      According to several users, yes it is. I've been carefully following comments going on at forums, twitter and The User Report tool during the last 4 days. People are reporting better standby hours, and none of them has reported  problems caused by this fix.

      However, keep in mind that you must be careful with what you do. In the developer mode, wrong commands given can break your phone.

      Sunday 22 December 2013

      Jolla HowTo: Make your own ambience with greyscale images

       The hedgehogs here are not the same

      Move your mouse on top of the images to find out the invisible difference. In each of these greyscale images one pixel is colored. Jolla's automatic ambience creator finds the one, and makes it the text color instead of the (ugly) brown. Brown is used by Jolla when no colors are found, or color tone differences are too low.

      How to make your own ambience with desired color?

          1. Open an image with any good image manipulation program. Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop are great.
          2. Reduce the saturation. Make it either a full greyscale image, or leave only some color left (max difference from greyscale is about 20 in RGB256 palette)
          3. Crop / resize the image to FullHD portrait (1080 x 1920 px)
          4. Zoom in to max zoom. Find this pixel close the center of the image: (539,962)
          5. Color this pixel to your desired text color with at least 60 steps tone difference in RGB256 scale (for example: Grey 128,128,128 turns to red with values 188,128,128)
          6. Connect your phone with PC connection
          7. Save the image to the picture folder of Jolla
            (Sailfish -> Phone memory -> Pictures -> Camera/Jolla)
          8. Open the image in the Jolla Gallery
          9. Click the image to open the info view
          10. Pull down (Pulley menu) and create an ambience
      To find it in your quick ambience menu (swipe left/right)
          1. Go back in the gallery and select ambiences
          2. Click your new ambience and make it your favourite (activate the star)
          3. Change any other properties, like ring tone etc. as you wish.
          4. Save (swipe left). It should be there now.

      Or pick a Jolla Hedgehog Ambience with your color

      1. Click any small image above.
      2. Right click to save the full size image to your computer
      3. Advance from step 6 above
      Pixel level zoom from one of the images above ->

      Sunday 15 December 2013

      Flash player for Jolla smartphone

      Notes (IMPORTANT)

      • Jolla's own Sailfish Browser does not support flash content, and there is no official support coming afaik.
      • Adobe flash player installed by instruction here must be updated manually.
      • Using an old version of Adobe Flash player might cause security issues. When writing this guide, latest official Android version is 11.1. For other operating systems, like Linux, version 11.2 is already published.
      • Jolla does not officially support 3rd party stores, like Aptoide which is mentioned in this guide. Use 3rd party stores with your own risk.

      How to Install Adobe Flash player for Jolla Smartphone (unofficial, read Notes)

      1. If not already done, install Android support from Jolla store. For this you need to be logged in with your Jolla account (Settings -> Accounts -> Jolla, white spot active)
      2. Long web address to write: Use your phone internet browser (any), and go to
      3. The install packet: Flash player for Android* is downloaded to your phone. Close the browser
      4. Go to Settings -> Transfers and click the downloaded packet. It should install to your phone. 
       * Legal note: Distributing Adobe Flash player is prohibited elsewhere but in Adobe's own sites, or via their official partners. For your own security, make sure you download the install packet fromtheir own web site (like the link above, including text in the very beginning of the address. If you find a similar apk from 3rd parties, please report it to Adobe.

      How to use flash content on Jolla

      • You need an Android web browser, as Adobe doesn't offer support for Sailfish. Any browser should do, but this is tested to work at least with Firefox. Simply start your Android browser and go to site including flash content.

      How to Install an Android web browser to Jolla

      • A lot of Android browsers are available in a lot of different app stores. To keep the guide here simple, I use only one example: Installing Firefox from Aptoide store
      1. Open your phone browser, go to address Install Aptoide store (close browser)
      2. Open Aptoide store and search Firefox. Install the application (close the store)
      3. Close the store - Your browser is now ready for use in the Launcer view (applications screen)

        If you want, you can move the icon up to the home screen quick menu (first four applications of your launcher view are shown on the home screen)

      Next guide coming up at reviewjolla:  

      How to Install GO Launcher EX on Jolla, enabling better view on installed Android applications.

      Jolla: Coming soon

      Short review to current topics of Jolla conversation going on, soon to be news:

      15-Dec-2013 Updates from Jolla

      • Another bug fix release for Sailfish OS is promised before end of the year
      • New features to Sailfish OS is promised at Q1/2014 (meaning between January and March)

      15-Dec-2013 Pre-order customers are still waiting their Jolla phones

      • Latest statement from JollaHQ: "Due to tech problems with shipping a number of pre-orders might be delayed. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience!"
      • Few hundred phones are received by pre-order customers outside Finland
      • Some more customers have received email and post office tracking codes for their phone
      • More that 2000 orders have status "In picking", first ones standing unchanged for 4th day
      • Additional to that, about 2000 orders outside Finland & over 2500 orders in Finland are still pending with status "Paid"
      • Jolla has contacted their waiting customers nicely. Community seems to be forgiving for possible delays after the company's informing policy showed some undestanding towards customers.
      • More than 300 customers have been following their orders on a community worksheet 

      13-Dec-2013: DNA Stores running out of Jolla phones

      The new product is either very limited or very popular. First DNA store to run out of Jolla smartphones phones was the most popular one at Kamppi, Helsinki. Finnish people who haven't orderd Jolla yet should now hurry up and find a DNA Shop to ensure having a new finnish phone for Christmas. Next shipment to the empty shops is expected to be delivered at Tuesday.

      Despite that, DNA has started selling Jolla to finnish customers also in their web shop

      • No orders outside Finland allowed via DNA - Not even to Åland (part of Finland).
      • Price for the phone in Finland is 399 EUR. Contracts are also possible. Phone is not SIM locked.
      • Foreign customers are hoping for Jolla to start a new campaign or to enter their own country How about Åland?
      • Only country informed to start selling so far is Portugal. Estimated start there on Q1/2014
      • Jolla has plans to go wider in Europe, and enter China, next year.
      • Link to DNA shop - Jolla (For customers living in Finland only)

      Tuesday 10 December 2013

      The First One - On My Ground (updated)

      Screen capture, DNA Store in Finland telling Jolla will be available soon

      Updates 12.12.2013:

      • Jolla has officially apologized for the delays at their webshop support site
      • Shipping to outside Finland is starting. Yesterday 800 of these pre-orders were updated to "In picking" status, today the number has been growing. There are at least 4000 customers waiting for their new phones outside Finland. In additoin to that, most of the finnish 1st pre-order customers are still in the waiting queue, while 2nd wave customers in Finland are picking their phones.
      • DNA shops have received only a limited amout of phones, but enough for all their shops in Finland. Some have been already sold to public, some are reserved for 2nd wave pre-order customers until Saturday morning.
      • Jolla hasn't officially informed the amounts of orders or sales, nor how many phones are delivered to DNA. A longer while ago, the latest official statement of amounts was that pre-order campaigns have gathered about 20 000 interested customers in 136 countries. How many of these have actually ordered the phone is unknown, but by the information I've received from other customers, I carefully dare to estimate that Jolla has sold mre than 10 000 phones by now. 
      • Customers are busy tracking what's happening at the back door of Jolla, more than 250 orders are followed on an online worksheet. Only a Jolla community can do something like this!

      Original article:

      Jolla Smartphones come to the DNA Shops in Finland. From DNA:

      • Jolla phones are available to public in Finland starting 11-Dec-2013
      • Finnish 2nd wave pre-orderers, who have chosen a DNA Store, can have their phones too
      • Jolla starts shipping phones to 2nd wave customers at the same day
      • All first wave pre-order customers, both in Finland and outside Finland, haven't yet (10-Dec) received their phones, or tracking codes for the shipment. Some finnish first wave customers have the phone In Hand, many see it shipping at the moment. Jolla is currently shipping as many first wave phones as they can (each worker only has two hands here in Finland).

      Jolla Smatrphones outside Finland are shipped on this week. From JollaHQ:

      I personally understand that Jolla must prior things in Finland, as Finland is the only country with an operator agreement between DNA and Jolla, but I'd wish them to inform their customers better in this matter. Outside Finland, customers are obviously expected to be satisfied for "The First One - On My Ground". This has caused some whining and few ugly posts around the community, and not without a reason, as Jolla hasn't been totally open for their customers  in each country and each pre-order wave. In my opinion, the whole mess could have been avoided with a simple, open minded message to all 1st and 2nd wave customers: "We are sorry, we can't ship all the Jollas in the true prority order, due to an important operator agreement in Finland. However, your Jolla is arriving in a time promised to you. Please have patience... Please contact... etc."  As simple as that. Hopefully this is the future.
      Tweet from JollaHQ, concirning customers outside Finland:
      Well, I suppose that the  community just hopes all the best for Jolla - this was a small mistake, compared to all possibile walls which a startup company might have run into. entering the mobile market. First wave customers are, however, getting their phones shipped before other 2nd wave customers outside Finland. In a way, they can be seen as the topic here state: "The First One - OMG"

      Press release DNA Finland 10.12.2013:

      Jolla smartphones available from DNA Stores from 11 December

      Jolla smartphones will go on general sale in DNA Stores from 11 December. That is also the day when the 'second chance' pre-bookers can collect their phones if they have selected a DNA Store as the collection point.

      "At this point, only a limited number of phones will be available, but they will be shipped to DNA Stores all over Finland, and, in addition to pre-bookers, will be available to the general public, as well" says Cedric Kamtsan, DNA's Business Director in charge of the Jolla project.

      The first batch of Jolla phones went on sale at a launch event arranged by DNA in Helsinki at the end of November. At the launch event, DNA offered the fastest pre-bookers the opportunity to buy their phones among the first 450 owners of Jolla smartphones. Deliveries to all other 'first edition' pre-bookers are in full progress.

      Second phase pre-bookers from Finland can collect their phones from a DNA Store or by post from Jolla, according to where they have chosen the delivery in advance. Deliveries to second phase pre-bookers will begin on 11 December, both by post and from DNA Stores.

      Phones due for collection from DNA Stores will be held at the DNA Store selected by the customer until 13 December - byers will get an SMS confirmation today. Any phones not collected will be placed on general sale on Saturday 14 December, but pre-bookers will naturally have a chance to collect their phones, subject to availability.

      DNA has played an integral part in the product development and commercialisation of Jolla smartphones and is the operator with the exclusive right to sell Jolla phones in Finland during the launch phase.

      Jolla is powered by Sailfish OS, a truly open and distinct mobile operating system. Navigate effortlessly with the gesture-based user interface and load the phone with top Android (TM) apps. More information on Jolla at

      More information:
      Cedric Kamtsan, Business Director, DNA Ltd, tel. +358 44 906 2377, 
      Jolla media contact:  
      Riitta Luhtala, Communications Manager, DNA Ltd, tel. +358 44 044 1040, 

      DNA Ltd is a Finnish telecommunications company providing high-quality, state-of-the-art voice, data, and TV services to private customers and corporations. DNA’s 3G network reaches five million Finns and is constantly expanding, and the 4G networks are reaching new cities and urban areas all the time. In 2012, DNA recorded a turnover of EUR 769 million and an operating profit of EUR 56 million. DNA Ltd has more than 3 million mobile communications and fixed network customers. DNA and WELHO are registered trademarks of DNA Ltd. The Group includes also DNA Kauppa, the largest operator retail chain in Finland. For more information, please visit

      About Jolla: Jolla Ltd., headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, is developing mobile devices and the open operating system, Sailfish, based on the heritage of MeeGo project. In addition to its R&D sites in Helsinki and Tampere, Jolla has offices in Hong Kong. Please see for further press and media materials.

      Monday 9 December 2013

      Could Jolla drop Beta sign with Sailfish Laadunjarvi?

      Sailfish Laadunjarvi
      - picks from the changelog

      HowTo: Settings --> About product --> pulley menu, check for updates

      Important note: The release date of the next Sailfish OS, or its changelog is not officially informed by Jolla. Other updates are possible, and we might also see another release, either with less or more fixes. It's also common in an OpenSource community to walk several paths, developing several versions at the same time and compiling them together to make a new distribution (See the amount of different Linux distributions, image at right.
      • Beta related bugs fixed in Sailfish Laadunjarvi
        • WLAN password input improvements
        • WLAN connection possible to change directly from one hotspot to another
        • Notification banner visible when checking updates without internet connection
        • USB MAC address does not change anymore between connections in developer mode
        • Mobile data switch status (toggle on/off) is shown on the Settings cover
        • Application downloads are now more resilient to failures
        • Improvements in Bluetooth pairing
        • DTMF tones are not skipped when user rapidly presses keys
        • Fixed a case when incoming call is silenced and there is still sound played after call ends
        • Active cover shows contact names
        • Support for sms: URL in Messages
        • Facebook notification will not appear repeatedly anymore
        • IM accounts now connect without needing to reboot device, after adding them
        • Audio and video are now in sync while playing youtube videos
        • Browser does not crash when playing multiple video
          More at the full changelog
      • Remaining bugs and other issues reported by users
        (not stated to be fixed, but before the official release is here, it's still possible)
        • 4G/LTE connection.
          - Official statement: LTE supporten countries and operators will be published later
        • Social media feeds missing some posts.
          - No news about development
        • Battery usability hours, reported poor by some users
          - Under development
        • Landscape mode for some sailfish apps missing
          - No news about development
        • Navigation feature to the HERE Maps
          - No news about development
          - UPDATE: Navfree (Android app) reported to work better now. Navigation with open maps is finally possible, and the app can even be used offline.
        • Synchronization issues (contacts/events/emails)
          - No news about development

      Sailfish Laadunjarvi ?

      So, we have an update named by a lake. This name translates as "The lake of quality". Jolla has stated that they are using lakes of Finland in naming updates of Sailfish OS. There are 187 888 lakes in Finland, including the small ones, so we might have more than few updates coming. Looking at the size of Laadunjarvi, we could speculate that this is not a remarkable update - I'm holding my breath for Sailfish Saimaa ! However, having first changelog visible is something I wasn't expecting yet. Great work!

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