Wednesday 25 June 2014

[Edited] Order Jolla to China, Japan, USA, Australia, and South Korea

Jolla phone delivered to several countries outside Europe via Finnair PlusShop

[Edit] June 30, 2014: I found this, after tipped of this possibility on a comment thread (Thanks!): PlusShop has added, at some point after this article was published, a note to their product page:
Notes Delivery only to EU countries, Switzerland and Norway

Review Jolla Blog is truly sorry for sharing misleading information, even that the information seemed correct according to the terms of  PlusShop on the date of publish.

Original post, June 25, 2014:

Jolla phone is officially launched in sales in EU, Switzerland and Norway. More countries (Russia, India, China) are already planned for this year - but FINNAIR PLUSSHOP is already selling Jolla phones even further, additionally offering delivery to Australia, China, Japan, South Korea and U.S.

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Ordering Jolla phone from Plusshop is like a purchace in any webshop, but for countries not yet officially launched in sales, please read the notes below carefully:

Notes - Important!

  • Ordering Jolla phone to countries before the official launch is a nice opportunity for people in a hurry, e.g. phone reviewers, to get one in advance. However, even that it's now possible, common customers might want to wait for the official launch in their country
  • Before the official launch in your country there's no quarantee of getting support from Jolla
  • For information about possible support and the lenght of manufacturer's quarantee in your country, please check with Jolla care <> before your purchase
  • Please check the mobile network support for Jolla phone with your local operator in advance. Jolla supports the following bandwidths [WIKI: supported countries and operators]
    • GSM (2G): 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
    • UMTS (3G): 900/2100 Mhz
    • LTE (4G): 800/1800/2600 MHz
  • Finnair PlusShop customers have a fourteen-day right of return or exchange. Please check all the conditions in advance.

 Finnair PlusShop

FINNAIR PlusShop is owned by Finnish flying company Finnair. Manufacturers love to get their products there, as the shop is well known in Finland for quality souveniers. Many of their goods, including Jolla, are carrying "Design From Finland" logo as a proof of origin and fullfilling few other requirements regarding design and usability. Only 120 companies in Finland have this logo for all or some of their products. [edit] Finnair PlusShop operates only online. It is an open webshop for everyone, but has special membership offers for Finnair Plus members.

Price and Shipping cost

They currently offer Jolla phone for price of 349€ - the same as Jolla's own web shop. Frequent flyers can also use their plus points (gained from flying with Finnair or using services of their partners) as part of the purchase, or even for the full payment.

You don't need to be a frequent flyer, or a flyer at all, to place an order in this webshop and get your Jolla phone. However, please note that any delivery costs are added to the end price - for example 67,50€ to Sydney, Australia. Plusshop shows the delivery cost in advance before placing the order.

Quotes from conditions of Finnair Plusshop, June 25, 2014:


Finnair PlusShop delivers to all EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Japan, China, Australia and South Korea.
- -
Outside Finland deliveries will be handled by Itella and GLS. When selling and transporting goods to countries outside the EU, are any eventual import duties, local taxes or similar costs payable by the receiver.


You can purchase items using:
- Finnair Plus points
- the combination of Finnair Plus points and money
- a credit card (Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club)
- -
Delivery costs may only be paid with either money or Finnair Plus points – not the combination of the two.

Full conditions (company webpage)

Link to the shop - Happy ordering, in advance or later! It's only six months to Christmas!


Finnair plusshop has a great selection of other "Design From Finland" products too, but if you're located in EU, Switzerland or Norway you might want to visit for your new Jolla phone. They've recently added an option to pay with PayPal, and using discount code Jolla <3 PayPal you'll get an extra 10€ discount. This promo code is valid until July 8, 2014.

DISCLAIMER: Content regarding the current possibility to order Jolla phone to new countries originates to Finnair's PlusShop webpage. By now, Jolla has not released news about partnership with Finnair or their webshop. There's also a possibility that PlusShop isn't delivering all their goods to all the countries mentioned in their conditions.

sources: Finnair PlusShop, Jolla Shop, MWC2014
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