Saturday 28 June 2014

Jolla Mobile Phone - Price Update

Jolla phone's new price tag is 349€ (updated in June 2, 2014). This price was first introduced by DNA Kauppa (Finland), other retailers have followed soon. Prices are updated June 28, 2014:

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Shops selling Jolla phone

Finnish customers: Jolla phone is also sold in Finland by
  • Musta Pörssi 344,90€ (best price in Finland excluding Jolla's promo coupon offers)
  • DNA Kauppa 349€ (best offer in Finland including extra The Other Half) SOLD OUT!
  • DNA Kauppa*Saunalahti,, GSM Store, Luurinetti, Euronics, NetAnttila, Tekniset 349€
  • Tietokonekauppa, Data-SystemsMultitronic, Expert (Price updated later) 

Jolla phone was introduced at 27.11.2013 with a price tag of 399€. Price was soon taken down to 389€ due to some competition between the sellers, but this second lowering is announced by Jolla themselves (Facebook link)

The next system update is rolling in soon, it'll introduce 4G network, folder support for the app screen and 2-way google contacts sync as the most wanted updates. Of course, tens of important but minor updates will be along once more. The update to Sailfish version 1.7 is supposed to reach the consumers in the early June.

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published: June 2, 2014
updated: June 28, 2014