Thursday 12 June 2014

Jolla phone News Shortage

Jolla has been very active in both their actions, releases and informing in the beginning of June. This shortage packs the most important for a quick read, dates working as links to the full content:

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Jolla phone News Shortage, early June 2014

  • Jun-2-2014 Phone's price was reduced from 399€ to 349€. Most of the resellers have followed quickly, DNA Kauppa (Finland) giving the best offer adding an extra The Other Half
  • Jun-8-2014 More than 700 (!) end customers have given their Jolla Phone Review
    • Average 3.83 / 5
    • Based on such many posts, I suppose we can trust this
    • Next SailfishOS version is currently gathering new reviews
  • Jun-9-2014 Jolla released SailfishOS update combining system updates 6&7
    • LTE 4G network support
    • CalDav accounts, e.g. Yahoo
    • 2-way-sync with Google contacts
    • Real tabs to the Jolla Browser
  • Jun-10-2014 Jolla sent a newsletter to their customers
    • Mostly about the latest update
  • Jun-10-2014 Jolla's customers have updated 4G LTE worldwide country/ operator list 
    • Jolla phone supports more than 200 networks
    • List was published in January and is still growing
  • Jun-11-2014 Letter to the community
    • Full with love and passion
    • from Marc Dillon, Co-Founder and Head of Software at Jolla
  • Jun-11-2014 Article of Marc Dillon's interview
    • Jolla will soon deliver "big news"
    • Article suspects it's about opening sales in China
    • "Massive" system update for fall including a new Applications view for easier multitasking
    • Next Jolla device is introduced "Not later than next year"
  • Jun-11-2014 Developer mail
    • SailfishOS update8 coming on July, maybe including separate covers for each Android App
    • SailfishOS update9 planned to the end of August - beginning of September (after summer break).
    • Is this the "massive" one Marc mentioned, or will that be update10 ? Fall is long...
    • Guess: Looking at the plans about Chinese language improvements, we might really see a launch in China at least as part of  the "Big News"
  • Jun-12-2014 Sailfish OS released for enrolled customers
    • Optional hotfix for connectivity issues after the main release
    • For update, visit the link (Together Portal)
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