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Jolla Sailfish OS update Saapunki

Saapunki lake near
Kuusamo, Finland (

Jolla system update, June 2014:
Sailfish OS Saapunki

Jolla combines the 6th & 7th system updates for Sailfish OS in the version "Saapunki". LTE/4G support is finally here, using fast 4G mobile networks. Navigation is still missing. WLAN N might cause occasional connectivity issues. Browser gets better with real tabs support (previously tabs were reloaded each time), but it's still far from perfect - e.g. copypaste from web pages is possible only from text field content. Sync with Google account is improved with 2-way-syncing for contacts.  Jolla has, again, delivered a nice update with a lot of visual and functional improvements and bug fixes - let's get into these:

Install: Settings > System > System Info > pulley menu, check for updates (WLAN recommended)
Note 1: OpenRepos repositories should be ok to leave as they are for this update
Note 2: If you're experiencing new kind of connectivity issues after installing, read this at TJC

    Top10 picks from the update (full changelog -

    • Launcer screen: Folder support for applications - read HowTo
    • LTE/4G support: Settings -> Mobile Network -> Network mode -> Prefer 4G (4G SIM Card required). In the beginning 4G/LTE works only in few countries on Jolla, but more countries are promised in the future updates. For the information about the supported countries and operators please refer to your own operator and if possible, you can try the network with a test SIM card. Let's keep the list of supported countries and operators updated with comments too. SailfishOS version which enables the country/network will be added there when the network is confirmed to work.
    • Browser tabs: When opening multiple tabs, Jolla doesn't reload each one as previously, instead the content of the tab is saved to the temporary phone memory. This makes browsing much easier, but opening too many bigger web sites might cause memory issues.
    • Browser file picker: This feature enables easier uploading of files into the internet apps and services, e.g. uploading a photo to a web image gallery. Very important feature nowadays.
    • Quick scrolling of lists: When you flick throug any list (e.g. people), you can now see a quick scrolling buttons showing up, enabling you to reach the top/bottom of the list easily. This helps a lot in certain lists.
    • Google contacts sync: From Settings -> Accounts -> Google you can now choose wether your contacts are synched only to the device, on both directions, or not at all.
    • CalDAV support: Settings -> Account -> New account -> CalDav. This update adds Jolla's compatibility with several accounts including calendar (event synching). At least Yahoo!, MemoToo, Fruux and ownCloud (experimental, via general CalDav account) are added
    • New events view subpage to display Facebook notifications: Tapping on a notification shows the full content and comments of a Facebook update without opening the FB in browser.
    • Your own lock-screen menu: Settings -> System -> Shortcuts now includes three selectable apps which can be changed to personalize your lock-screen pull-down menu.
    • New Bluetooth profiles: PBAP and HID support are enabling Jolla to connect with Bluetooth systems using these profiles. For example several carkits are using the PBAP profile, so you can propably use your carkit to search for contacts and make a call from Jolla now.


    [NEW] Settings > System > SailfishOS updates

    [NEW] Click Facebook Notifications for a direct access

    [NEW] Settings > Accounts > Add New > CalDav

    [NEW] Settings > Accounts > Google > 2-way-contacts-sync

    [NEW] Settings > System >  Mobile Network >  Network mode > Prefer 4G (LTE)

    [NEW] Settings > System > Shortcuts, select apps for your Lock Screen pulley menu

    [NEW] Launcher Screen, application folders are enabled
    (read HowTo)

    [OLD] Tapping on the lock screen gives a short (maybe too short) peek to battery and network info

    Known issues not yet fixed on this release

    • Navigation feature for Jolla's HERE Maps. No news about development. Several Android navigation apps are reported to work fine
    • WLAN n stability. Connection lost sometimes, especially when Bluetooth on at the same time. Using WLAN B/G instead of WLAN N might help in the issue.
    • 4G / LTE - Not working in all countries yet. Jolla's Hardware supports networks in several countries
    • SD card support is improved, but sometimes the card must be manually reattached to access the files
    • External GPS devices are not supported. There's no setting to bypass Jolla's own GPS device
    • Video recording with constant sound: Quality is reduced after few seconds of recording
    • Video codec issue - Videos recorded with Jolla and uploaded to internet are not played by Jolla's own web browser. As a workaround, convertion is required (e.g. Youtube converts uploaded videos automatically)
    • Sometimes Jolla automatically logs out from Google account. New login required.
    • Zooming of emails or attachments is not always working correctly. Reopening the email might help.
    • Camera & other device support for some Android applications. Camera images are sometimes rotated upside down, depending on the app where they are viewed.
    • Note: Jolla's Android support officially includes only the Android apps downloaded from Jolla's partners: Yandex or Aptoide official app stores. Both stores can be installed from Jolla Store after enabling the Android Support.

    Problems after updating the system?

    Upcoming Sailfish update releases

    • Jolla has stated that updates are planned to be released monthly. This one combines the May and June updates (so beeing "month late"), and due to the summer vacations we might wait until August for the next one too.

    Previous updates

    Sailfish Saapunki (not Saimaa, but...)

    Another update named by a lake. Saapunki is a rather big lake (2,5 km²) located near Kuusamo, Finland.

    Jolla has stated that they are using lakes of Finland in naming updates of Sailfish OS. There are 187 888 lakes in Finland, including the small ones, so we might have more than few updates coming. Looking at the size of the Saapunki we could speculate that this is a big update, and I agree with that. Letter S didn't bring us to Sailfish Saimaa (biggest lake area in Finland), but I suppose we can be happy what the Sailors have brought us with this. Sails up!

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