Monday 2 June 2014

User Report Tool: Jolla battery consumption

RESULTS: See the table below

Thanks for each contribution so far - they truly made a difference! See Community DIT


  1. Added: Personal nickname input for those contributing more than 1 test result. 8In the last page)

    After 14 relevant reports, the average standby time with no screen using, no phone calls, some email synching & SoMe updating is 39h. The variance is huge, from 21h - 69h, which is actually promising to this study and the future calculations. Still more data needed to find out which areas of HW/SW are the power eating monsters.

    Keep on contributing, thanks for all the reports so far. We are The First One (OMG)!

  2. Update: During my calculations I notified that the amount of data transfer matters a lot to the battery life, so there's new questions for these in page 2. Go to the phone settings -> Data counters and make a note for yourself when you start the test. Also, now you can start your testing with any battery load.

    Reports so far: 42
    Minimum goal for some reliable results: 300 reports

  3. After 80 reports the preview was split into two parts: Screen ON & screen OFF, both sorted by battery life. The average value for standby time is 38h with screen off & connections on, shutting down all the connections seems to add about 10h to the stanby time, reaching 48h (2 days).

    The rows with screen brigtness reported are not as reliable, there are reports with value even that the screen have been turned off. I try to revome extra rows when there's enough data to determine how much the screen affects the battery life. In my own test, forcing the screen on (dark toned, static image) dropped the standby time from 42h to 14,5h while all other settings were kept the same.

  4. Maybe the NFC drain batteries, any idea's how to turn it off.

  5. After 36 reports in stage 3 I already tried to figure out if there's any difference in the battery life between
    [ workaround] and update []. No luck yet, more reports needed for any reliable results, so keep it up folks!

    PRELIMINARY: Mobile data transfer seems to use more power than WLAN data transfer. Most hungry sync accounts might be google & email, followed by MS Exchange. Facebook and twitter seems to be more power friendly. However, this is only preliminary - confirming requires a lot more reports.

    Reports with the following settings would help me a lot in my next check:
    - mobile on, wlan on, screen off, no apps running, only one account synching data
    - mobile on, wlan on, screen on, one app on the foreground running, only one account synching data

  6. Hmm, I should maybr add battery capacity information into the form now that there are both new and seven months old batteries... You can see your own battery capacity using "upower -d" command in Jolla's Terminal app. If you haven't enabled developer mode to get access to the terminal, you can use CSD Testing Tool for the information. It can be started with dialing to number *#*#310#*#* Then navigate to "Single Tests" > "Battery Tests"