Monday 9 June 2014

[HowTo] Jolla phone app folders

How to use the App folders in Jolla's Sailfish OS

After the June 2014 system update you can pile your apps to folders on Jolla. This enables e.g. using only one app screen below your home screen. The new feature is both great and intuitive, but if you don't know you have it you might easily miss it (your phone will not tell about it).
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It's ideal to create and edit your folders one by one, as otherwise your new folders will have the same icon and name and you'll get easily mixed up with which apps are inside which folder.

       Creating the first folder...
  1. Hold your finger for a while on the App screen until you see your Apps change to closable and movable icons
  2. Move (with hold and pull gestures) an App on top of another App and release your finger

    And the folder is created. Move more apps on top of it to add them to the same folder. After you're ready...
  3. Tap anywhere to return to the normal view
  4. Tap your new folder to open it and see the apps inside it

    Note: If you opened a folder on the edit mode (passing 3.), you can move your apps inside the folder. Exit the edit mode with tapping on the folder top bar. Subfolders can't be created

    For next, let's get your folder a personal touch...
  5. Tap on the folder icon (top left) to change it. There are 16 different icons to choose from
  6. Tap on the folder name (top right) to change it. Write a new name to your folder

    Swipe-from-side gesture, or tap on empty spot closes the folder and gets you back to the app screen. Start over to create your next folder.

    After creating all your desired folders you can move them (like apps) to your desired spot on the app screen. You can even move them to the top4 (favourite apps bar) if you'd like to access them directly from your home screen.

    Note: SIM Tools application provided by your operator can be put into a folder, but it's dropped back to the main launcher screen in a reboot. If there's only two apps in that folder, also the folder is removed during the reboot.

    And if you need to delete a folder...
  7. Open the folder in edit mode and drag the apps down (bottom). Those apps are returned to your launcer screen. When there's only one app left, the folder is automatically removed. If the last one is SIM Tools (read note above), it's removed during a reboot.
Hope this helps, happy foldering!

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