Tuesday 9 December 2014

Christmas Calendar - Day 9

Daily tips and backgrounds for Christmas

December 9th, we share you a tip fitting perfectly to what happened today - and maybe useful on the next time as well

Today's background for an ambience is a photo of Blue Jay, common in many countries in winter. Photo by Mdf

Christmas calendar - day 9

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Tip of the day

Follow users @eric, @bijjal and @cybette at TJC - They are the ones keeping us informed with the official announcements, and you'll often be the first to know when something important - like for example a small batch of spare batteries hits the shop - happens.

TJC is also a great place to get answers from both Jolla and their active fans. Sometimes, you might get your answers faster, and maybe even more complete, than from Jolla's other official channels.

Make it our!

Christmas background for Jolla, day 9

Image below is cropped to size 540 x 1600, ideal as background for Jolla phone. For easy add,  long hold to download it to your gallery. You'll find it in your photos, and you can create an ambience.

Adding the ambience as a favorite (tap on the star icon) adds it to your ambience quick switch menu (flick right or left from your home screen)

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Background image: Cropped from original by Mdf / CC-BY-3.0
Published: December 9, 2014 14:58 UTC


  1. Any more daily calendar updates?

    1. Maybe :) I've been busy with some php for the last days, and will be even more - so, work before fun for a while. Thanks very much for asking :)