Tuesday 2 December 2014

Christmas Calendar - Day 2

Daily tips and backgrounds for Christmas

December 2nd, we have a simple guide to adjust your own pulley menu to access your most important apps straight forward after unlocking your Jolla phone

Today's background for a Christmas ambience is provided by "Tampere tunnetuksi ry", an organisation working for tourism of the largest inland city in Scandinavia

By the way, Jolla has an office in Tampere also

Christmas calendar - day 2

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Tip of the day

Navigate to Settings > System > Shortcuts. You can enable "swipe closing", a gesture used inside any application to close it with a swipe down from above the display.

Below that option you can add 3 shortcuts which are shown in a pulley menu on top of your lock screen. Pick any Sailfish OS or Android apps you want, to access them quickly after unlocking your phone:

After your selections, there's no need to save - you can simply close the settings. Try it by swipe from top this time, then flick down once to return to your lock screen, and pull down slowly to access your new, customized menu:

Instead of slow pull, you can do a faster flick gesture to open the whole menu, just like it's shown above, and tap on your favorite apps. "Silence sounds" option is there by default, and above that you find your selected apps.

Make it yours!

Christmas background for Jolla, day 2

Image below is cropped to size 540 x 1600, ideal as background for Jolla phone. For easy add,  long hold to download it to your gallery. You'll find it in your photos, and you can create an ambience.

Adding the ambience as a favorite (tap on the star icon) adds it to your ambience quick switch menu (flick right or left from your home screen)

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Background image: Cropped from original by Tamperetunnetuksiry (Own work) GFDL or CC-BY-3.0
Published: December 2, 2014 04:26 UTC

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