Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Calendar - Day 3

Daily tips and backgrounds for Christmas

December 3rd, you'll find out how to answer your friends text message (SMS) with instant message (IM) after checking if he/she is online.

Today's background for a Christmas ambience is Kirkkokatu street with Christmas lights in November in Oulu, Finland

Christmas calendar - day 3

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Tip of the day


  • Activated account with "instant messaging" enabled
  • Friend with a phone number and a known profile in the IM service

Launch your people app - we're about to check that your contact is linked correctly. Find a friend you know both by phone number and in any IM service, like Facebook or Google.

If you open the contact card and see only the name and phone number, you need to link the known IM profiles manually. Jolla does it automatic only if the name matches exactly, and if you've enabled the contacts sync in this service

To do this manually, pull down and select the "Link" option. If the suggested links are not correct, pull down again and select "Add more links" to use the search - write the IM profile name and select the correct contact to link. After you're done, you have just one contact card with all the known contact information for this person.

Now, let's assume you receive an SMS, Merry Christmas Sailor! and you want to answer that. Start the same way as before: tap the writing line and start typing, but after you've written your message:

Instead of tapping "Send", use long hold gesture on the "Send". A small bottom menu opens, showing the available IM profiles - including a green line for those services where he/she is currently online. Tap on one, then tap send. You've just saved the cost of an SMS and your friend receives an IM.

I suggest to select the type after writing the message, as then you have the latest online information available - but you could select the type also in forehand by tapping "Change type".

Your friend might be surprised in the first time, receiving an answer to an SMS in a different service - but after you let him/her know what you just did, maybe he/she considers a Jolla phone as well - after that, your mutual messaging just sails on, whatever services you're using!

Christmas background for Jolla, day 3

Image below is cropped to size 540 x 1600, ideal as background for Jolla phone. For easy add,  long hold to download it to your gallery. You'll find it in your photos, and you can create an ambience.

Adding the ambience as a favorite (tap on the star icon) adds it to your ambience quick switch menu (flick right or left from your home screen)

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Background image: Public domain - link to original
Published: December 3, 2014 08:30 UTC

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