Monday 1 December 2014

Christmas calendar - Day 1

Daily tips and backgrounds for Christmas

Hi Jolla fans, thanks for reading this blog! It's December, and I thought to share some simple tips and new backgrounds for our readers during this month. If you have any special wishes for the following 24 days, please leave a comment.

On the first day we're customizing the settings menu and share a background image cropped from a nice photo by Herry Lawford. 

Christmas calendar - day 1

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Tip of the day

Your settings menu on a new Jolla phone looks like this:

On the top, you can find four quick switches. Defaults are Airplane mode, WLAN, Mobile network and Bluetooth.

  1. Long hold on any of them to remove those you don't need
  2. Go through your system settings and apps, and long hold on items there to "Add to favorites"
After doing that, your Settings main screen might look like:

My selection of 5 quick switches and 11 quick access icons includes:
  1. ROW: WLAN, GPS, Tethering, Airplane mode
  2. ROW: Mobile network, Display, System info, Transfers
  3. ROW: System updates, Sync, Bluetooth (access, not switch), Tools
  4. ROW: Settings of Camera app, Browser, Phone and People
Make it yours!

Christmas background for Jolla, day 1

Image below is cropped to size 540 x 1600, ideal as background for Jolla phone. For easy add,  long hold to download it to your gallery. You'll find it in your photos, and you can create an ambience.

Adding the ambience as a favorite (tap on the star icon) adds it to your ambience quick switch menu (flick right or left from your home screen)

Share and Shout! Your friends might read it.

Background image: Cropped from photo by Herry Lawford, licence CC BY 2.0
Published: December 1, 2014 04:38 UTC

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  1. If we get update 10, I'd like to get a roundup of its improvements and new features to cheer me up after this long dry spell of waiting