Wednesday 10 December 2014

[News] Jolla Tablet campaign in short

Campaign time is up, let's wrap it

December 10, 2014: Jolla, start up company from Finland, has just reached the end of 3 week funding project for the world's first crowdsourced tablet.

This new Linux tablet, running not yet finalized Sailfish OS 2.0, was introduced at Slush 2014 conference in Finland on November 19th. Jolla called it "PeoplePowered" Jolla Tablet.

Jolla gathered $1.8 million with a wise campaign strategy, and yes, a nice looking product as well, reaching 11th position on the list of all time The Most Funded Campaigns on Indiegogo

Jolla Tablet campaign in short

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Campaign was up for 3 weeks on Indiegogo, between November 19 - December 10, 2014. 1000 tablets were sold already in 1 hour, and the campaign reached it goal of $380 000 in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Full million was there not much later - it took only 1.5 days for them.

While this kind of campaign is on, it's important to get people involved. Constant updates and new perks are something what everybody use. Jolla's selection of these was:

  • 100€ offer for their phone for limited time in their webshop
  • Tablet case, Design from Finland by Lastucase for $49
  • Combo Pack, the tablet with Jolla phone for $488

But Jolla had even more to give than just new perks - From the beginning, they invited people to discuss and vote about the design and availability of the tablet. People were invited to Jolla's open community platform By the feedback from there, Jolla expanded the availability to 2 new countries and added 3 new features voted up by the contributors. These were:

  • Support for 128Gb SD-cards, adding memory expandability
  • Split Screen, a feature to the user interface of upcoming Sailfish OS 2.0
  • 3.5G mobile internet connectivity

The latter would have required $2,5 million of funding, and as the campaign didn't reach quite that much, this will not be introduced. The other two above were reached, and these features were also welcomed nicely. I'm not sure if Jolla set this 3rd goal too high in purpose - adding mobile connectivity to a device available in USA isn't a minor issue at all.

And sure, Jolla had even more to speed up the funding. You might have run into few numbered links to the campaign in different social media sites and forums. People were sharing the campaign via these links to their friends, gathering more funding for Jolla, and as a prize from Jolla, getting the Lastucase or even the whole tablet to themselves or their supported persons. Thanks to our readers, one college girl will receive a brand new Sailfish OS tablet too.

Estimated time of delivery for the tablets is set to May 2015, so there's still a while to wait. People who used the combo perk are receiving the Jolla phone in advance, promised to be delivered during December - but not necessarily yet for Christmas. However, the amount of these perks isn't anything too big to not to be delivered quickly - so I hope as many as possible will receive it faster.

In overall, the campaign was successful, and a positive sign of activity from both the company and their community - which seems to be growing up, looking at the voting rates and amount of new questions at the community platform. The whole campaign is also some great PR material for Jolla, let's see how it's used. 

Results after 3 weeks campaign:
  • 1,824,055 USD from 13 115 funders
  • 7242 Jolla tablets
  • 2431 Lastu cases
  • 176 phones
  • and let's not forget the amount of tablets and cases going out as prizes

Share and Shout! Your friends might read it.

Jolla's thanks:
Published: December 10, 2014 09:08 UTC
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