Thursday 18 December 2014

Jolla Sailfish OS update name - Contest round 2

Guess and Win!

Sailfish OS update name contest, round 2

This time we're sharing one of these TOHOLED's by Kimmo Lindholm as the prize. Good luck for your guess!

Update: The winner and TOP3 guesses published

Jolla Sailfish OS update name - Contest, Round 2

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Update, December 18, 2014: TOP3 guesses

  1. WINNER: Mattias Eriksson, 38 points
    guess on FB: Sailfish OS Vaarainjärvi, release date 18.11.2014
  2. 35 points
    guess on form: Sailfish OS Vaarainjärvi, release date 3.11.2014
  3. 23 points
    guess on G+: Sailfish OS Vaarainjärvi, release date 21.11.2014
There were also some guesses on Twitter, and we got all together 103 guesses for this round. The correct answer would have been
Sailfish OS Vaarainjärvi, release date 18.12.2014 (post of the update)

The fact that 3 persons guessed the correct name of the update, from the long list of lakes in Finland, makes us all wonder if there really is a pattern for how the name is selected... If so, I hope many of you will find that pattern for the next round :) But let's remember, even if there was one, it might always change...

The winner has been contacted and we'll do our best with Kimmoli to deliver the giveaway already for Christmas. Congratulations Mattias, and the best of luck for everybody for the next round! Thanks for participating!

Round 3 coming up later, but in the meanwhile: Jolla Users has just started another giveaway - maybe check it out. Merry Christmas!

Update, December 2, 2014

The name of the upcoming update is Sailfish OS Vaarainjärvi. This time we have 3 persons who guessed that right, meaning that we have to wait for the release numbers before we can calculate the scores and announce the winner. Good luck for all three who guessed the name, and good luck for all the others in the next round!

Original post, October 25, 2014:

Contest in short:
  • Try to guess the release numbers, name and release date of the next Sailfish OS update, for example: "Sailfish OS Alabama, release date 15.11.2014"
  • Using your real name account, send your guess
Best of luck, this giveaway is waiting for delivery:

The prize

TOHOLED is a smart cover for Jolla phone. It has a low energy OLED display, it uses I2C connection port to communicate with Jolla's Sailfish OS, and it comes with an app enabling controlling this extra display. One of the best Other Half builds so far, designed by Finnish community member Kimmo Lindholm. Thanks for this prize Kimmo!

UPDATE: If this prize doesn't fit for you as you haven't got the phone to attach it to, you can always givewawa it to someone. Or then you need a givewawa phone yourself - there's one available, shared by Carol Chen, lovely community bunny of Jolla!

Difficult to guess? A few tips:

  • Latest released update is Sailfish OS Uitukka, released 23/10/2014 as an opt-in (must be requested via email). In the latest newsletter, Jolla has shared that the next update is planned for November. 
  • Sailfish OS naming, so far, has followed a pattern of alphabetic, and all of them have been names of lakes in Finland. If you trust that also the next update will follow the same pattern, here's a list of the lakes 
  • Try to find if Jolla has revealed any more information in advance - you might find tips revealing the name (whole or part of it) or more about the release date (accurate or approximate). Keep in mind that this information used must be published to everybody - if you have access to closed forums where the information is shared by Jolla, you can't participate this contest at all. 
  • It might seem like a good idea using the averages in your version number and date guesses, but note that others might think the same way. You might have better chance with a more personal guess
  • Do not contact Jolla or their workers in a meaning of phishing the information helping in this contest. People found out having access to this information are disqualified. Also, Jolla has enough work already providing us these great updates in a nice schedule


  • These rules are due to change without further notice
1. Who may participate?
  • Round 2 is worldwide and the prize is delivered worldwide too
  • You may not be working for Jolla Ltd or in any other way have access to the internal/restricted forums providing the answers needed in this contest
  • Google, Facebook or Twitter account with your real name is used to participate this contest, but also an optional form to participate is provided for people not using their real name in any of these forums. Real names are used in purpose to prevent the same person to participate the contest from several accounts. 
  • Review Jolla is not looking for artificial likes or follows with this contest. If some of the forums in use requires a like/follow for posting your answer, please feel free to unlike/unfollow right after your answer. Of course if you like the forum for what's it providing otherwise, we're happy for each new follower!
2. Contest time and limits
  • CONTEST TIME: Answers must be posted between now and the last day of this month (23:59 UTC). Answers posted later are seen as "too close to the actual release date" and they do not count even that they would be totally correct
  • ACCOUNT LIMIT: Only account(s) with your real name may be used. Guesses posted from nick accounts, or accounts with a false name, are disqualified. For people not using their real name in any of the contest forums, optional form can be found in the bottom of this post.
  • AMOUNT OF GUESSES: You can post only one guess per account. 2nd and later guesses from the same account are disqualified. However, if you are using the other forum(s) with your real name too, you can give one different guess in each forum to multiply your winning chances. NOTE: The form for people not using their real name accounts is optional - If you use the form to participate, you may not use any of the other three forums.
3. How to participate?
  • To win, you need to provide your best guess for these three questions in a single comment. All questions are related to the next, yet unpublished Sailfish OS system update released by Jolla:
    • Version number?
    • The name?
    • Date when it's released to customers?
  • Send you guess, for example: "Sailfish OS Alabama, release date 15.11.2014"
4. Announcing the winner and claiming the prize
  • The winner is the persons gaining the most score for his/her guess (see 6. scoring). If several guesses end up to the same top score, the winner is randomly selected between these.
  • The winner's real name is published in the blog, and linked in the forum where the winning guess has been posted. Announcing takes place within one week of the system update release date
  • After announcing the names of the winner, he/she have two weeks time to claim the prize contacting Review Jolla via the same account they used for posting the winning guess
  • If the winner hasn't claimed the prize within this two week time, the prize is removed from the contest and will be shared in the next round. Next best guess does not count for claiming the prize
5. Receiving the prize
  • The prize is mailed to the address of the winner. The address is posted in a personal message to us when claiming the prize
6. Scoring
  • Unlike 50 points for participating the contest by the rules
  • Another 50 points for the correct name of the update
  • -1 point for each number difference calculated from the system update release numbers
    • For example: Guess, actual release = -29 points
  • -1 point for each date between the guess and the actual release date
  • Max possible score: 100 (all three parts guessed)
7. Scoring example
  • Guess: Sailfish OS, Alabama, release date 15.11.2014
  • Actual: Sailfish OS, Alajärvi, release date 10.11.2014
  • Scoring: 50 (unlike) + 0 (name) - 13 (numbers) - 5 (days) = 32 points
8. Privacy
  • Your name will be published only if you win in this contest. Any other personal information, like the address you provide if you win, are not saved.

Unlike luck for your guesses!

Not using your real name in any of the forums (Facebook, Google, Twitter) and still want to participate? Please use this form:

Published: October 25, 2014 08:11 UTC
Rules updated: October 25, 2014 08:11 UTC
Post updated: December 18, 2014 17:09 UTC

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  1. Sorry, but saying that you support people participating anonymously to the contest and then asking for their real name is not really the same thing.
    I do not want to provide my real name here, as much as I don't provide my real name on FB/G+/Twitter. This is a collection of personal data and I do not agree to it.
    I would have no problem providing contact details in private (e.g. through an exchange of e-mails) if I were to win, however your current approach is the same as contests on FB asking for likes. In this situation, I am forced to not participate.
    Curious if the number of participants rises or drops compared to the first round...

    1. Thanks for the opinion. Anonymous participation = your name is not published when you participate, it's published only if you are the winner. This was suggested by many in the feedback form after round one, and I'm following our readers wish here. However, personally I agree with you, but let's have another round of feedback afterwards to see!

      Names are collected only in purpose to ensure 1 guess per real account. To the amount of participants: the less there are, the better chance to win. One is enough for that, this time ;) Round one gathered 79 participants, round 2 so far has 43. Good luck, and let's keep in mind, this is for fun, in a great community!

    2. Can't wait the next round :-)