Thursday 27 February 2014

Photos and videos, Jolla Phone at MWC2014, Day4

Marc Dillon attracting people with speech (photo by Filip Klebzcyk)

 Jolla phone introduction at Mobile World Congress 2014
Photos and videos from Day 3

Sailfish OS running on Android devices (by MobileLinuxNews)

 Jolla (by @iWozik)

Last morning (by Jollagirls, instagram)

RGB LED The Other Half (Jolla Labs) and Jolla (by @raphaelbuehler)

Marc Dillon (ny @myphonegr)

 Marc Dillon (by @jollausers)

Steve Lau siu ying from Jolla introducing the phone (by @fk_lx)

Farewell (by @jollausers)

Farewell (by @cybette)

Farewell (by Jollagirls, instagram)

Empty booth (by @Jollausers)

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