Wednesday 26 February 2014

Photos and videos, Jolla Phone at MWC2014, Day3

"We aren't there to collect user data and take your privacy very seriously"
by Marc Dillon at MWC2014 today. This photo was shared by @AllBoutN9

 Jolla phone introduction at Mobile World Congress 2014
Photos and videos from Day 3

Sailfish OS update Ohijärvi - What's new (by @AllBoutN9)

Jolla Makia The Other Half. Makia is a finnish clothing company (by @GadgetsBoy)

Jolla Labs: RGB led The Othe Half, developed by iProtoXi

Jolla's Sailsfish OS introduced  (video shared by gsmisraelnews)

Photo isn't from MWC, but the 2nd - TOHOLED by Kimmo Lindholm - is present at Jolla Labs

 Alexander Stubb, minister of European affairs & foreign trade visited Jolla booth (by @AllBoutN9)

Jolla Labs introduced hardware keyboard. Here's the developer of QWERTY TOH (by @fk_lx)

Alexander Stubb with Jollagirls (by Jollagirls)

Jolla Sailors with Alexander Stubb (middle) (by @JollaEs)

Jolla virtula keyboard imporovements on the next system update (by @AllBoutN9)


  1. Where did the cyan TOH come from? I hope that one will be available as it's my favourite color (almost matches my cyan N9).

    1. That one is available at Jolla's webshop, named "The Other Half Aloe"