Friday 7 February 2014

Jolla News: Together Users Favourite Other Half selected by Marc Dillon

Marc Dillon, Co-founder and Head of Software at Jolla had a nice job today, choosing a "Together User Favourite" TOH number 8 between 100 candidates. Ideas for a new The Other Half were presented by users at, and they were asked to use their free imagination, so even (yet) impossible ideas could have been presented. Seven more favourite The Other Halves were voted - but how many of these 8 will eventually be manufactured, remains as secret.

Before sharing Marc's pick, here's just a few ideas shared by users:

  • "DIY-TOH for makers would be nice :-) simplest implementation would be just a spacious TOH with stable contacts to i2c, interrupt and power. a little bit fancier could include a pcb, maybe some arduino and power supply on it, this would also protect the phone at least a little bit."
  • "Travel-oriented otherhalf that I would put on when leaving for airport. Ideal combo would be extra battery, 2nd SIM card slot, eInk display for boarding pass and/or reading books, ebook reader, offline maps/navigation apps bundled in, maybe a better lens/microphone for travel photo/video."
  • my ultimate TOH would be a "dock"(for everyday use but also travel):miniHDMI output,gpu chip if need,USB 3.0 host with 2-4 ports,SDXC reader (for camera),dual sim,microusb power in (for the extra power needed eg.for external usb drive),fold-out support to make jolla stand up (like the surface pro 2)
  • An OH that has:
     - QWERTY Keyboard
     - Additional battery
     - E-Ink screen on the other side so that reading PDFs is easier and consumes less battery.
     - In addition to E-Ink screen there could be a switch to turn completely off the regular screen and use E-ink screen only
     - Stereo speakers
  • Hi, today I tought about one thing that really excited me... We need to revert the ambience and TOH relation, I mean, the current availabe TOH changes the ambience, but we need a "transparent" led powered TOH that changes when we change the ambience!!! Unlimited personatlization :D. Can you imagine?

Marc Dillon's pick:

As known in advance, this pick wasn't in anyway based on amount of votes. Nobody knows whether they had any influence on Marc's pick. However, "Together users favourite" Other Half was suggested by @mgbler, tthanks for this great TOH idea and congratulations. Keep your head warm!

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