Sunday 9 February 2014

Jolla App release: IRC for Sailfish

IRC (Internet Relay Chat, wiki) is now possible with Jolla smartphone with a native Sailfish OS app
Image: freenode is only one of the multiple IRC networks online around the world. Each network has several channels, but every user can also open an own channel and invite another user(s) to it

Messaging with Jolla, out of the box, is possible with email, SMS, XMPP (prev. Jabber), Facebook and Twitter. Developers have extended messaging possibilities with native Sailfish OS apps like
  • "Friends" (Facebook client)
  • "Tweetian" (Twitter client)
  • "Mitakuuluu" (WhatsApp client, not yet available in Store) 
  • "IRC for Sailfish" (IRC client, now available and reviewed in this article)

 IRC for Sailfish 0.1, developed by J-P Nurmi, Timur Kristóf & Robin Burchell is available in Jolla Store. It's a full working IRC client, despite the version number, and it takes full advantage of Sailfish pulley menus from all four directions.
 Above: Flick left shows users online. Tapping a nick opens a private channel.
  Above: Flick down open a pulley menu with a clear option
  Above: Flick up opens another pulley menu
 Above: Flick right shows your current active channels. Hold on a channel name enables removing it from the list.
Tapping a link opens it in a browser.
Hold on any message enables copying it to the clipboard
And tap line to open virtual keyboard and write to the channel
 Quick scrolling shows buttons to quicky reach top/bottom

Video review by Timur:


  • Install "IRC for Sailfish OS" from Jolla Store
  • Enter your nick, real name and network (like freenode)
  • Flick up to join a channel
  • Enter the channel name after "#", e.g. "#jollamobile" which is very popular
  • Start chatting

Version 0.1

  • Looking at the UI, I must wonder why doesn't this release already have a higher number. In a short use I didn't run into any bugs, only the landscape mode isn's working yet. I used SSH for connection, for even more privacy there's SASL option. Also password secured networks or channels seems to work just fine.

Reviewjolla wishes to thank developers for apps likes this - they make our Jolla's #unlike!

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