Tuesday 25 February 2014

Photos and videos, Jolla Phone at MWC2014, day2

First image for today was shared by @JollaMob

Jolla phone introduction at Mobile World Congress 2014
Photos and videos from Day 2

Marc Dillon and Jolla's partnership with Makia Clothing, Rovio (Angry Birds) and F-Secure (by @JollaEs)

Marko Saukko at Jolla Lab (by @SteP)

 Jolla Girls at work (two photos by Emmi Laine)

Nice view (by @AllBoutN9)

Introduction video (by Mobilereviewcom) 

Another one (by Recombu)

 Angry Birds on Jolla (by AllBoutN9)

Jolla Labs, commynity built qwerty TOH (2 photos by Carol Chen)

Angry Birds drinks from a partner Rovio. James (jollausers site) on the right. (by Rinka )

Jolla communities chilling out (by Alexandro Lacadena @petaqui)

Video by Jollagirls - find more at http://instagram.com/jollagirls

@RajivMakhni demoing Jolla for @NDTV, Rinka's (Jollagirl) phone in use gethering fame

Jolla community jollafr.org on site: After two busy days Jollagirls can lean on Nicolas Suffys ;)

Marc Dillon on Team Finland booth (by LeadinOy)

Mobile Engadget interviewing Marc Dillon (by Nik S)

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