Monday, 24 February 2014

Photos and videos, Jolla Phone at MWC2014, day1

Jolla phone introduction at Mobile World Congress 2014
Photos and videos from Day 1

Marc Dillon on stage, video shared by JollaesTV
Jaakko Roppola and Marc Dillon, getting ready
Building up the stand
Marko Saukko finalizing the stand
Something for Sailors in the meanwhile
 The stand is ready
Sailors arriving, Norwegian flight
Jolla boat Sailor girls preparing for introductions
3rd party TOH's, Angry Birds & Makia Clothing
Here we go, MWC2014 has started
Jolla is attracting a fair crowd!

Video: Sailfish OS on Nexus 4 (community development)

Video: Qwerty TOH and the first word (community development from dirkvl)

Video: OLED TOH by @LiKimmo
 Sailfish OS on Galaxy S3, TCL Idol X, Xiaomi

 SteP (@debexpert) meets Marc Dillon

 James from Jolla Users introducing the phone

 The crowd keeps coming, no wonder looking at this smile :)

Gestures introduced at Jolla stand

Jolla Labs

Tethering, rotation lock


RGB LED The Other Half in cooperation with iProtoXi

 Jolla Phone app Notes rotated in landscape

Camera have some new settings, including ISO and timer

Thanks for watching, follow up for Day 2

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