Monday 29 June 2015

Jolla got it, Samsung didn't? - Sailfish OS YotaPhone discussed

One possible future, Sailfish OS on YotaPhone. 
Operating system Sailfish OS by Jolla selected among winners, over Tizen by Samsung

It's rumored that the Ministry of Telecommunications in Russia picked Sailfish OS over Tizen as their mobile device operating system.

Arguments in favor for Sailfish OS are better options for security, and for having Russian shareholders in a company Sailfish Holding.

If we'll see Sailfish OS powered YotaPhones, according to experts 1 million of those are expected to sell.

Jolla got it, Samsung didn't? - Sailfish OS YotaPhone discussed

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Update: Important parts of the post below were later confirmed via official source

Russian YotaPhone 2 with two touch screens.
One in the backside is an E-paper display
According to Russian newspaper Vesti, The Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation called the company Jolla among the winners of the competition for import substitution of operating systems for mobile devices. Now representatives of this Finnish company and Russian software developers are discussing how to adapt Sailfish OS on YotaPhone.

In addition to the Finnish company Jolla, the winning consortium in the Ministry of Communications includes energoholding ESN Grigory Berezkina, developer ESC and Yandex, according to "Vedomosti". According to the publication, last week representatives of Jolla met with Russian leadership SEC ROSAAlt Linux and people from YotaDevices.

The meeting discussed how to modify Sailfish OS to be installed on YotaPhone smartphones. Currently YotaPhone first and second generations are running on the operating system Android, developed by the American Google. In practice it is possible, and the Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov already have a YotaPhone 2 running on Sailfish OS.
"but it is probably not ready to be sold in stores."
The fact is that although the Sailfish OS is able to run Android-applications, Operating System does not yet support many hardware features of YotaPhone.

Finnish Jolla and its partners in the competition for import substitution competed on the basis of the project Tizen developed by Samsung. The cost of Tizen's implementation, according to the source "Vedomosti", was estimated at 1.23 billion rubles, 65% of which was supposed to receive from the budget. However, the Ministry of Communications chose the Finnish project costing 2.225 billion rubles, of which 1.89 billion requested from the budget. Arguments in favor of Sailfish: greater security of the system, and the availability of Russian shareholders of Jolla.

According to Hong Kong company registry on 8 April 2015, 9.72% of Sailfish Holding was owned by company Votron Ltd. registered in Moscow, of which 80%, according to the register, is owned by Gregory Berezkin, who's also the main shareholder of UST.

General Director Vladimir Rubanov of SEC ROSA and Alexei Smirnov of "Alt Linux" confirmed to Vedomosti that representatives of Jolla and YotaDevices have met and discussed of Sailfish OS revision. According to Smirnov, it would be interesting to connect to the global development of Sailfish OS and adapt the system to various devices, including YotaPhone. Rubanova agreed, writes "Vedomosti", attracted by the opportunity to expand the jurisdiction of SEC ROSA.

Obviously, the main goal is to release Sailfish OS on the platform of YotaPhone and get a secure smartphone for the Russian state authorities. Employees of the public sector and corporations may be interested in the operating system developed under the supervision of Russian companies. Some time ago experts of Natalya Kaspersky Infowatch estimated the market of such devices in Russia as 1 million units.

At the same time, reported from close to the source at YotaDevices, there are not yet any agreements or transactions between the Russian company YotaDevices and Finnish company Jolla.

Disclaimer: This post is to be taken as rumor only at this point, as there are no official news yet delivered by the parties mentioned in the post. For latest news (not rumors) on the topic, please check

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Source: Vesti (in Russian)
Cover image modified by YvesPE, Twitter
Published: 2015-06-29 09:50 UTC
Updated: 2015-06-30 13:30 UTC


  1. "According to Hong Kong company registery on 8 April 2015, 9,72% of Sailfish Holding was owned by company Votron Ltd. registered in Moscow , of which 80%, according to the register, is owned by Gregory Berezkin, the main shareholder of UST."

    You've got to be kidding me, when did this happen?
    So, 80% of the company is ALREADY owned by a Russian "businessman"?

    This is not good for anyone, even Russian apologists/fanboys/nationalists.
    If this is true, my passionate support for this platform over the years has disintegrated.

    1. Oh my... You either cannot understand written text or your mathematics got somehow mixed up. Try to calculate 80% out of 9.72% again...

      I am also worried that 7.8% (!) is owned by some russian guy with questionable background, but we should at least stick to basic math.

    2. According to the article, Votron owns 9,72% of "Sailfish Holding", and Gregory Berezkin owns 80% of Votron, being also the main shareholder of UST. Clear enough? I'm sorry if the post was unclear on this, but no, I'm not kidding you ;)

    3. Oh thank God, I thought it said 72% not 9.72. By the way, the proper way to express it is "9.72%" not "9,72". 80% of 9.72% is okay, any more than that would be a genuine concern.

    4. Thanks for noticing, fixed that

  2. "So, 80% of the company is ALREADY owned by a Russian "businessman"?"

    Correction, I meant:

    "So, 80% of 72% of the company is ALREADY owned by a Russian "businessman"?

    80% of 9.72% is okay-ish...

  3. Tizen wasn't selected because Samsung never would have cooperated on the level that Jolla would have, and would have been exceedingly reluctant to cooperate at all given how much negative PR it will attract. Canonical and Mozilla wouldn't touch the Kremlin with a barge pole ... so that leaves Sailfish - a sinking OS that needs a benefactor.

    1. Hello bluefoot, doing your best to spread your FUD further, I see...

      You love to go out of your way to paint as much negativity as you can about Jolla(1), has been painfully obvious for the longest time, by comparison, you're almost complete radio silence when it comes to any sort of criticism of Canonical.(2)

      I remember once when you claimed with absolute certainty that there's no way Jolla will get into the CIS market before Canonical, you were quite matter of fact about it, you even had a whole bunch of rock solid reason as-to-why that's the case.

      When things changed & it looked more likely that wasn't going to be correct at all, you changed tack & started focusing on how such a bad thing it is to be in that relationship. You're not credible person to listen too, you have an agenda.

      Nice try.
      (1)some 100% FUD -some with a solid basis
      (2)of which there's PLENTY to be had, yet nope, nary a peep from you

    2. I've no idea which of the many trolls you are on Talk.Maemo, but as you well know, the hyperbolic picture you paint of the conversation referenced was long prior to the picture of a "national OS" emerging from the Kremlin. At that stage, it was merely inviting developers of apps on third alt.OS to port their applications for supposed financial incentives. My qualification for ruling Sailfish out was the same as that used for any other potential parter - they have no ecosystem and a very early state OS, with no incentive for anyone to partner with them (as has proved the case for the 3-4 years of their existense, despite many proclamations to the contrary). The Russian government's stated plan then became clear - no-one anywhere had postulated this would be the case.

      If we look at your record on this thread, you 1) post total FUD. 2) react with childish indignation and outrage because you can't read or do basic arithmetic 3) criticise what i post without offering any argument against it whatsoever.

      Nice trolling.

  4. You stated it wasn't getting into CIS before UT "full-stop", you were very matter of fact about it, I tried to find the discussion but I've had not luck so far*, at the time one of the mods moved it as you were constantly digressing the discussion.

    I'll find it soon, & it'll be obvious if you've deleted some of your posts in anticipation of that, as I already took note of how many posts you've made.

    The only troll at TMO is you, one need only look at your posting history, & then your record towards competing niche platforms, it's very obvious you have an agenda, & you're doing your best to push it down other folks throats -they won't buy it.

    Keep up the FUD, it won't work, it'll fail or succeed on its own merits, no matter how much you want it to fail.

    1. 1)
      The only one who ever does that is you, plenty of stuff I agree with, but often just as much pure FUD mixed in, the former's done merely to seem more credible.

      There's nothing wrong with my arithmetic, it was a misreading if the OP based on a typo in the article that has since been rectified, I also made a typo in response to that typo, which i then later clarified.

      One can't argue against the FUD-meister, the goal posts shift all the time, would be a complete & utter wast of time.