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Jolla case - Record breaking financing

Image by Jukka Holm, shared in Twitter

Event presentation, IF14:
Jolla - Tractor Pulling Project

Antti Saarnio sharing the story from Jolla's beginning at Innovation Forum 2014, Finland this morning.

Back in 2011 Jolla gathered breaking record of 30M€ financing with just few men who are making impossible to possible, believing to it


Jolla case  - Record breaking financing

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Antti Saarnio, Chairman at Jolla Oy gave a presentation at Innovation Forum 2014 sharing Jolla's story since the beginning. Image by Ville Tolvanen

2011: Nokia closes down the Meego project. 5 guys puts up a Startup company to keep the project alive. Their humble aims: Own mobile operating system based on Meego and their own mobile phone

Possible? Or Impossible - Anti-Thesis: Organisation of 100 people can not build both an OS and a phone. At least 100M€ needed, impossible to finance. Startup can't find partners big enough. Small company can't gain enough visibility

Impossible to finance? Antti Saarnio shared the numbers: Total amount 30M€, of which 21M€ from angel investors. Record: No startup in Europe, or even at Silicon Valley, California have gathered this much in such a short time earlier.

Startup can't find partners big enough? Are 3HK (operator in Hong Kong, part of worldwide Hutchison Telecom) and Snapdeal (biggest online market in India) big enough?

Small company can't gain enough visibility? Part of the visibility gained is seen above, and let's not forget that Jolla has reached the most popular lists with their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube profiles in Finland too. However, the visibility isn't big enough yet, as there are just too many people unaware of the brands Jolla and Sailfish OS

The impossible goes on... You'll hear more about Jolla at Slush 2014 event. This will take place in Helsinki, Finland at November 18-19, 2014

The presentation above took place at Innovation Forum 2014, Finland at August 21, 2014. The event was organized by Trainer's House and Digitalist Network. You can find more images from the venue searching tag #if14 in Twitter

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Image courtesy: 1. (cover) Jukka Holm, 2. (main) Ville Tolvanen, 3.- (sheets) Perttu Ahvanainen. Shared in Twitter.
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