Friday 15 August 2014

Jolla twitter competition: Win VIP package

Update August 15, 2014:
  • 2nd unboxing video added
Updated August 13, 2014:
  • Winner will be announced later this week (tweet by Jolla)
  • Unboxing video added
Updated August 11, 2014:
  • Photos of the VIP Package added. Thanks Kimmoli!

Jolla twitter competition: Win VIP package

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August 15, 2014: The winning tweet

This was the also the only tweet sent from this Twitter account giving an idea that the account was put up only in the purpose of taking part to the competition, which was allowed by the competition rules and tells about the effort put into winning the price, which is just great. Congratulations for the winner!
2nd unboxing video, but The First One in english. Thanks Amanda Lam for sharing this!

August 12, 2014: Updated

August 11, 2014: Here's the VIP Package

Image courtesy: Kimmo Lindholm to Review Jolla Blog.
Thanks for sharing!

 Measures: Width 245mm, Height 100mm, Depth 180mm 
 Surface: Premium leather
 Jolla logo pressed to the cover
 And painted to the inside of the cover
 Kimmo received this box as empty, it was Jolla's thanks for his great work with TOH design
 For these photos, Kimmo filled it up with his own content
 Unlike above, the VIP Package delivered to Hong Kong pre-order customers have The First One TOH
 Kimmo's Jolla phone shines nicely in the left. "Under the hood" there's at least the charger and USB wire.
Different from the Hong Kong package, Kimmo has Snow White there instead of Keira Black

Kimmo will probably use his gift from Jolla for his own designed TOH project including
  • TOHOLED - The Other Half with extra OLED Display, currently Sold Out
  • TOHe-INK - Ongoing project, The Other Half with an e-Ink display
  • TOHIRI TOH (name not confirmed) - Project adding a heat sensor to The Other Half and combine it with Jolla's camera image. I've already seen this running and believe me, it's very nice! More on this later!

What's in the VIP Package?

  • Jolla smartphone with The Other Half "Snow White"
  • The Other Half "Poppy Red"
  • The Other Half "Aloe"
  • The Other Half "Keira Black"
  • Premium Leather case (the box)
  • Charger and USB cable

These VIP Packages are available to

  • pre-order customers in Hong Kong to order from Jolla Shop (edit: time's up for this)
  • one for free to the winner of the Jolla Twitter Competition
  • one or more for free among the registered event guests
  • registered guests to buy at Jolla Launch Event
  • all Hong Kong customers to order via operator Three HK starting on August 12th, 2014
    ( Last groups probably without The First One TOH, getting the Poppy Red instead )

August 9, 2014: Jolla VIP Package available today for $2888 HKD!

Note: This offer is valid for only the customers who pre-ordered Jolla in Hong Kong last year and for those attending the Jolla Hong Kong Launch Event. The deadline for using this offer is today (August 10, 2014 at midnight) [updated by a comment, thanks for that!]

From Jolla Shop:

"Available 12 August from 3 Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Jolla's early followers have an exclusive chance to order their Jolla already today.
If you are among Jolla's early fans and have participated in the pre-order campaign during 2013, check your inbox for an email from Jolla. Log in to the Jolla Online Shop with the credentials in the email. Once you log in, you will be able to order one of the very first Jollas arriving to Hong Kong and it will be delivered directly to your home as the official sales begin."

If you want to use this offer, you can visit and login with your credentials to order your VIP Package. The price of the offer seems reasonable compared to the EU price, which is higher due to all the transportation costs, customs and taxes. In EU a similar set of products costs more than 400€

Note: Customers elsewhere will not find this offer in the Jolla Shop

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Competition in Twitter

Good luck for your tweet! We're expecting the winner to be published during the Jolla Hong Kong Launch event. The winner will get the VIP Package posted in four weeks.

  • Tweet an answer why people in Hong Kong needs a Jolla phone
  • Send your tweet out between August 1 - 9, 2014
  • Tag your tweet with word #JollaHK
  • All fans worldwide can participate, but the winner is selected from a country where Jolla is shipping. Currently: EU, Switzerland, Norway, Hong Kong

What is this Jolla phone? 廣東話 phone review, talked in Chinese

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Source for order/price: Unofficial Twitter accounts not related to Jolla
Image courtesy: Kimmo Lindholm
Published: 2014-08-01 14:40 UTC
Updated: 2014-08-15 18:19 UTC


  1. The VIP Package only for HK people whose pre-ordered 1 year ago, can place an order until midnight (HKT) on Sunday, 10 August 2014

    1. Thanks, post updated by your comment. Earlier we've heard that the VIP Package is also available for the people attending the Launch Event, so there's now two groups who have this option (additional to the one who wins the Twitter competition). Best of luck for everyone!