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Jolla phone markets and prices worldwide

Are we seeing the next price cut soon?
Jolla has not promised changes to the prices in the close future, but this is clearly expected by customers right at, or soon after, entering the new markets in Asia

How about Russian markets?
Customers from Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan can already order their Jolla phones via official distributor Mobile Invest

List prices of Jolla phone? 
All the current list prices are here, updated August 11, 2014:

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Shops selling Jolla phone outside Finland

  • Jolla Shop 349€
    • Campaign until August 31,2014: 10€ discount for PayPal customers
    • Delivers to EU, Norway, Switzerland
  • Finnair PlusShop 349€
    • delivery cost added to the price
    • Delivers to EU, Norway, Switzerland
  • Amazon UK £279.18
    • The first retailer located outside Finland
    • Delivers to EU, Norway, Switzerland
  • Elisa Estonia 349€
    • The First operator outside Finland
    • Delivers to Estonia
  • Jolla Store Almaty, Kazakahstan 89 000 tenge
    • Local Shop, opened July 25, 2014
    • The first Jolla Showroom in the world
  • Jolla Kazakhstan / Mobile Invest 89 000 tenge (KZT), about 17600 RUB + postage
    • Official distributor delivering to all CIS countries including Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan
    • Delivery is said to be handled via PonyExpress service
  • ThreeHK $0 - $2888 HKD (equals to 0€ - 278€ ) See the pricing here
    • Official distributor in Hong Kong, China. The first operator selling Jolla in Asia
    • More than 20 million existing customers
    • Sales launch event at August 12, 2014
  • Snapdeal Price not revealed yet. For speculation, read below
    • Official distributor in India
    • Online market with more than 25 million customers
    • Sales launch soon, "in few weeks" [edited Aug 18]
  • SmartEki9 
    • Official distributor in Portugal
    • Registering pre-order customers / retailers
  • RCH Importazioni S.r.l
    • Official distributor in Italy
    • Gathering new retailers

Screen shot (translated): Jolla phone available to order to
Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan

Finnish customers:
Jolla phone is sold in Finland by 2 operators and 12 other retailers

  • Musta Pörssi
    • Currently the best price in Finland, 345€
  • DNA KauppaSaunalahti
    • Operators, both selling Jolla for 349€
    • Campaign: Extra The Other Half included in DNA offer
  • verkkokauppa, GSM Store, Luurinetti, Euronics, NetAnttila, Tekniset
    • Online markets, all with price tag 349€
  • Tietokonekauppa, Data-Systems, Multitronic, Expert
    • Online markets with higher price tag from 358€ to 389€

LINK: Interactive map and list of all retailers

^^ Let's keep the one above updated together!

Jolla Phone Price talk -  includes some speculation

Jolla phone was introduced at 27.11.2013 with a price tag of 399€. Six months later on June 2, 2014, the price was taken down to 349€ announced by Jolla (Facebook link)

Customers are looking forward for the next price update when Jolla expands their sales to India. The current price tag in EU markets is considered as too high for the competitive markets and price picking customers in India. Review Jolla expects to price to be set to 19 900 INR, but this is only a wild guess and pure speculation based on the Hong Kong price which leaked into Twitter last week.

Hong Kong price of $2888 HKD includes the phone with The Other Half Snow White, battrey, charger and USB wire. Purchase requires a contract with operator 3 Honk Kong. Earlier, Jolla phone was available for the same price including VIP Package with three more The Other Half smartcovers - this was offered to the pre-order customers in Hong Kong who ordered their VIP Package in advance from Jolla Shop. The current pricing can be found at Jolla product page.

Speculating some more around the price, we can expect that Jolla phone is sold for 299€ worldwide before the Christmas. The next price update might take place soon after August 12 when Jolla launches in Hong Kong. However, Jolla might keep the current price tags for longer as they already have a lot of fans waiting for their phones in Asia, and some of them were ready to pay even the original price of 399€. So, the next price update might take place later, after these true fans have their Jolla's in hand first.

Jolla has shared info that the phones to be sold in India might be manufactured with a new factory partner in Taiwan [source]. This should enable further tuning with the price when needed in the India markets.

All the mobile phones, including Jolla, loose their original value quite fast while new models are entering the markets all the time. As a smaller player Jolla needs to adjust a lot in order to get a steady footstep next to the big manufacturers like Samsung or Apple. Jolla has put a lot of trust to their operating system Sailfish OS on this, hoping that it's advantages overcomes all the disadvantages in the current hardware vs. current price.

Just an opinion, I think Jolla has been very wise in their pricing so far. Looking forward for the next update!

In the end, customer is the King. In a long run they decide the final price tag 

- Price and availability: Online sites and social media profiles of parties who are selling Jolla phone or gathering orders. Information is based on site contents between July 30 - August 11, 2014
- Taiwan manufacturing: The Economic Times, India
- Image courtesy: and (official distributor)

Published: August 11, 2014 17:18 UTC
Updated: August 18, 2014 18:35 UTC

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