Friday 22 August 2014

Jolla Sailfish OS Source Codes

Open parts of Sailfish OS update 8 source codes in Jolla smartphone - all under GPL licence shared

All the Open Source codes under GPL licence from Jolla's operating system are packed into a public tar-file, earlier available only as a hardcopy ordered directly from Jolla Oy.

This is one step forward in the company openness, however there are still steps to take 

Link to the Sailfish OS packages

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Please note that these packages doesn't include any 3rd party propiertary code or Jolla's propiertary code. Sailfish OS is a full Open Source operating system, but Jolla has included more code into their phone - which they are not ready to share. The unshared part includes for example the Alien Dalvik by Myriad (Jolla's Android support), hardware drivers by Qualcomm and the buttonless User Interface by Jolla.

SDK packages for developers are shared here:

Content, latest version:

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Source: Thomas B. Rücker, shared officially by
Published: August 22, 13:14 UTC