Sunday 22 December 2013

Jolla HowTo: Make your own ambience with greyscale images

 The hedgehogs here are not the same

Move your mouse on top of the images to find out the invisible difference. In each of these greyscale images one pixel is colored. Jolla's automatic ambience creator finds the one, and makes it the text color instead of the (ugly) brown. Brown is used by Jolla when no colors are found, or color tone differences are too low.

How to make your own ambience with desired color?

      1. Open an image with any good image manipulation program. Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop are great.
      2. Reduce the saturation. Make it either a full greyscale image, or leave only some color left (max difference from greyscale is about 20 in RGB256 palette)
      3. Crop / resize the image to FullHD portrait (1080 x 1920 px)
      4. Zoom in to max zoom. Find this pixel close the center of the image: (539,962)
      5. Color this pixel to your desired text color with at least 60 steps tone difference in RGB256 scale (for example: Grey 128,128,128 turns to red with values 188,128,128)
      6. Connect your phone with PC connection
      7. Save the image to the picture folder of Jolla
        (Sailfish -> Phone memory -> Pictures -> Camera/Jolla)
      8. Open the image in the Jolla Gallery
      9. Click the image to open the info view
      10. Pull down (Pulley menu) and create an ambience
To find it in your quick ambience menu (swipe left/right)
      1. Go back in the gallery and select ambiences
      2. Click your new ambience and make it your favourite (activate the star)
      3. Change any other properties, like ring tone etc. as you wish.
      4. Save (swipe left). It should be there now.

Or pick a Jolla Hedgehog Ambience with your color

  1. Click any small image above.
  2. Right click to save the full size image to your computer
  3. Advance from step 6 above
Pixel level zoom from one of the images above ->

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