Friday, 6 December 2013

Jolla phones on their way to pre-order customers

Jolla phones are beeing delivered to the pre-order customers in several countries, and Jolla celebrates Finland's independence day with opening another prebooking campaign for finnish customers. That gives another chance for new finnish customers to receive the phone by Christmas directly from Jolla, instead of hoping there are any left in a closeby DNAshop. DNA has not started selling quite yet.

UPDATE 6.12.2013 Jolla wishes happy independence day for their finnish customers and opens a new pre-order campaign. The campaign seems to be only for new, finnish customers. At "Jolla on nyt saatavilla Suomessa! Liity ensimmäisten joukkoon jättämällä sähköpostiosoitteesi. Saat kutsun verkkokauppaamme joulukuussa."

International customers are welcome to leave their email at, and they will also get notified when Jolla is available. No more information about the "when" word available now.

ORIGINAL NEWS 5.12.2013 Several pre-order customers have seen their order status changed from "Paid" to "In picking", and I've heard that few people have already received email with the packet tracking code. Jolla phones are beeing delivered to pre-order customers.

Tomorrow, 6.12. is the Independence day in Finland, so the deliveries here will be delayed to the next week - and if your orderID is a bigger number, you might need to wait for a little while longer still.

But it's coming! You can check your own order status at

More status updates to orders are unlikely to happen before Monday because of the holidays in Finland. If your order status is "In picking", you will propably receive email form Jolla during next week, and after the email you should have your Jolla posted in 1-2 working days for Finland, few more days outside Finland.

Let's all have patience and let's avoid sending extra emails to Jolla, as each one takes time to answer and there are many customers waiting for their phone. However, in any issues concerning your order you can contact

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