Monday 9 December 2013

Could Jolla drop Beta sign with Sailfish Laadunjarvi?

Sailfish Laadunjarvi
- picks from the changelog

HowTo: Settings --> About product --> pulley menu, check for updates

Important note: The release date of the next Sailfish OS, or its changelog is not officially informed by Jolla. Other updates are possible, and we might also see another release, either with less or more fixes. It's also common in an OpenSource community to walk several paths, developing several versions at the same time and compiling them together to make a new distribution (See the amount of different Linux distributions, image at right.
  • Beta related bugs fixed in Sailfish Laadunjarvi
    • WLAN password input improvements
    • WLAN connection possible to change directly from one hotspot to another
    • Notification banner visible when checking updates without internet connection
    • USB MAC address does not change anymore between connections in developer mode
    • Mobile data switch status (toggle on/off) is shown on the Settings cover
    • Application downloads are now more resilient to failures
    • Improvements in Bluetooth pairing
    • DTMF tones are not skipped when user rapidly presses keys
    • Fixed a case when incoming call is silenced and there is still sound played after call ends
    • Active cover shows contact names
    • Support for sms: URL in Messages
    • Facebook notification will not appear repeatedly anymore
    • IM accounts now connect without needing to reboot device, after adding them
    • Audio and video are now in sync while playing youtube videos
    • Browser does not crash when playing multiple video
      More at the full changelog
  • Remaining bugs and other issues reported by users
    (not stated to be fixed, but before the official release is here, it's still possible)
    • 4G/LTE connection.
      - Official statement: LTE supporten countries and operators will be published later
    • Social media feeds missing some posts.
      - No news about development
    • Battery usability hours, reported poor by some users
      - Under development
    • Landscape mode for some sailfish apps missing
      - No news about development
    • Navigation feature to the HERE Maps
      - No news about development
      - UPDATE: Navfree (Android app) reported to work better now. Navigation with open maps is finally possible, and the app can even be used offline.
    • Synchronization issues (contacts/events/emails)
      - No news about development

Sailfish Laadunjarvi ?

So, we have an update named by a lake. This name translates as "The lake of quality". Jolla has stated that they are using lakes of Finland in naming updates of Sailfish OS. There are 187 888 lakes in Finland, including the small ones, so we might have more than few updates coming. Looking at the size of Laadunjarvi, we could speculate that this is not a remarkable update - I'm holding my breath for Sailfish Saimaa ! However, having first changelog visible is something I wasn't expecting yet. Great work!

Näytä suurempi kartta
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