Sunday 15 December 2013

Jolla: Coming soon

Short review to current topics of Jolla conversation going on, soon to be news:

15-Dec-2013 Updates from Jolla

  • Another bug fix release for Sailfish OS is promised before end of the year
  • New features to Sailfish OS is promised at Q1/2014 (meaning between January and March)

15-Dec-2013 Pre-order customers are still waiting their Jolla phones

  • Latest statement from JollaHQ: "Due to tech problems with shipping a number of pre-orders might be delayed. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience!"
  • Few hundred phones are received by pre-order customers outside Finland
  • Some more customers have received email and post office tracking codes for their phone
  • More that 2000 orders have status "In picking", first ones standing unchanged for 4th day
  • Additional to that, about 2000 orders outside Finland & over 2500 orders in Finland are still pending with status "Paid"
  • Jolla has contacted their waiting customers nicely. Community seems to be forgiving for possible delays after the company's informing policy showed some undestanding towards customers.
  • More than 300 customers have been following their orders on a community worksheet 

13-Dec-2013: DNA Stores running out of Jolla phones

The new product is either very limited or very popular. First DNA store to run out of Jolla smartphones phones was the most popular one at Kamppi, Helsinki. Finnish people who haven't orderd Jolla yet should now hurry up and find a DNA Shop to ensure having a new finnish phone for Christmas. Next shipment to the empty shops is expected to be delivered at Tuesday.

Despite that, DNA has started selling Jolla to finnish customers also in their web shop

  • No orders outside Finland allowed via DNA - Not even to Åland (part of Finland).
  • Price for the phone in Finland is 399 EUR. Contracts are also possible. Phone is not SIM locked.
  • Foreign customers are hoping for Jolla to start a new campaign or to enter their own country How about Åland?
  • Only country informed to start selling so far is Portugal. Estimated start there on Q1/2014
  • Jolla has plans to go wider in Europe, and enter China, next year.
  • Link to DNA shop - Jolla (For customers living in Finland only)

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