Saturday, 7 December 2013

Android and Sailfish Apps running on Jolla

Jolla smart phone, powered by Sailfish OS, aims to be fully compatible with Android Apps. However, Sailfish OS is still in Beta stage and some Android Apps doesn't run properly.

Here you can find a User Report Tool, updated by Jolla owners. If you have a Jolla already, please join us and report any Apps you've tested, or the ones you haven't seen available for Jolla but you'd like to see.

Above you can see a simple preview of already reported Applications. As there are plenty of Android Apps available, and the number of Jolla owners grows too, this preview is kept in a simple table form for faster page load. This preview shows all the rows, but not all the columns. Latest user reports are added to the last row.

Bloggers, contributors, forum moderators and software reviewers:

List above comes from a feed, which is free to use. List could be easily sorted and filtered for multiple purposes, and for example average rating for a single app is easily calculated. Make use of the feed! I have no intention to be selfish with the tool or the user reports - I'd love to see both in use in several countries, serving several Jolla users, just like any open community project. Please contact me for the embedding code of the tool and the feed in desired format, and please feel free to copy the link of App listing above.

The purpose of this is to serve Jolla users, not to advertise or otherwise try to make money with the idea. I hope you share this ideology if you want to embed the tool to your own environment. However, if you happen to use e.g. blog advertisement already, let's not make that a barrier - reaching as many Jolla users as possible, working with a common list, is the essential goal.

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