Friday 31 October 2014

Covering Jolla for a lady - looking for options

Lastucase, Insmat case or something else?

My daughter is using Note 3, and I'd really love to see cases like she has also available for Jolla phone. Let's take a quick look at the current options, and add this one I'd love to get for my wife's Jolla too. 

Covering Jolla for a lady - looking for options

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Smartphones have big screens, quite expensive to replace if they get scratches. All the phones in our family are equipped with a case, but there are not too many options for Jolla yet. We have three Jolla's, one Lumia and our oldest daughter, already living in her own apartment, is using Note 3.

[video added later today]

Lastu case, which I'm using, is a nice light design of real wood and leather. It has a back cover included, replacing Jolla's own The Other Half. This brings nice lightness, but misses the fun of changing The Other Halfes.

  • + for the nice materials. Real wood and leather looks great!
  • + for the light weight and thin design. Fits into a pocket easily
  • + for the looks and the quality. Finnish design
  • - for the height (doesn't shield the corners of the phone)
  • - for missing a magnet / other option to keep the cover closed
Insmat case, used by my wife and son, is a heavier and harder option. Black leather, Jolla fitting into it nicely with it's official The Other Half. Any thicker smartcovers require another solution.
  • + For full shield and heavy design. This seems to last for long
  • + For the magnet flip and the easy use of it
  • + For the price. 15€ - 20€ is not much for such a shield.
  • - For having two card slots. Cover closes nicely only with one
  • - For thickness. Doesn't fit to every pocket (but, of cource, this brings an even better shield)
Chanel case, used by our oldest daughter. Wanted for Jolla too!
  • + For the design. It's about the most beautiful way to carry a smartphone
  • + For the build quality. Materials feels nice, and there's lot in it
  • ++ For the price. You can get one of these with about 20€
  • +/- for the size, depending on you. It's big enough and stylish enough to replace you vanity case, but the makeups won't fit in
  • - For not being available to Jolla (yet?)
Chanel case was found from (this product), Lastu and Insmat cases for Jolla are available at

Christmas present idea? Whatever phones the ladies/girls in your family are using, I recommend to check that shop. They have great options for Samsung, iPhone and other phone models. I'm really looking forward if they'll add even just one case for Jolla too! (yep, please request that from them - I did already!)

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Published: October 31, 2014 10:05 UTC


  1. I found this in Stockmann early this year, but I don't think it's available there now. Perhaps some online stores / ebay etc. might still have them

    1. Thanks! Something like that, yes, keep the tips coming up if you run to something else! You have an eye for these I see. :)

    2. I found a one decent now, but thanks again!

  2. I love this case! and i found some beautiful case for iphone 6 Plus at

  3. I will receive a Jolla shortly and am searching for a case.
    Lastucase was my favorite - but its non usable for left-handed (espacially when making photos).
    I also found a german site which makes hand crafted bagy: - but not english translation there - sorry.

    I probably will use one of those with a lastucase back cover - and the "i have not found yet" robust screen protector,