Friday 24 October 2014

Jolla Sailfish OS update name - Winners, round 1

Thanks for participating to Sailfish OS update name contest, round 1

Participants tried to guess the name, numbers and release date of Sailfish OS Uitukka, released October 23, 2014.

Three persons with the closest guesses may now claim these "signed by Marc" shirts - Congratulations!

Jolla Sailfish OS update name - Winners, Round 1

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Round 1 gathered 79 guesses during the end of August. Finland is a country of thousands of lakes, and at this time nobody guessed the correct one, "Uitukka". People were also expecting Jolla to stay in their original schedule, so even the winning guess was far from the correct date:

The winning guesses
  1. (9 points) Sailfish OS Ulvotuinen, released 26/09/2014 (FB)
  2. (5 points) Sailfish OS Saittajärvi, released 24/09/2014 (FB)
  3. The best guess in India: Ukkojärvi, released 22/09/2014 (form)
Congratulations to all three, and best of luck to the next round for everybody!

James, Marc (Jolla), Simo,
Francesco and Carol (Jolla) at
Jolla HQ, Helsinki, Finland
Prizes and instructions to the winners

Marc Dillon, the man full of love and passion, a true Sailor by heart (and Jolla's Co-Founder & Head of Software), has personally signed three Jolla T-shirts, one of them with special "Jolla loves India" text to be shared in this contest. Thanks Marc for these unlike prizes!

Winners who guessed in FB: please contact me in Facebook within 2 weeks from now.

And if the best guess in India above is your guess, please contact me via email to reviewjolla(at) Please sign the email with your name - If the name matches the one used in the participating form, the email will be answered and you can claim your prize

The feedback

Participants, and maybe a few others too, have posted us some valuable feedback after the round 1:
  • 80% agreed that the participating options (FB, Twitter, G+, anonymous) was a nice set of options , so that'll be the way in future too
  • 55% found the amount of guesses ok, no changes to that either
  • Most wanted some more time to participate, at least 6 days. I'm thinking about one week length for the next round
  • People found the prize to be ok (average 6.8/10). I'll surprise you with something nice soon
  • People found the contest to be quite difficult, so I'll take actions to make the guessing easier in the future
  • 80% wanted all the winner names to be published. Let's go with that, but to keep the anonymous form as an option, it'll be improved with a personal code which is sent again when claiming the prize. This means that anonymous participating is still possible, but anonymous winning isn't :)
Thanks for all your feedback!

Round 2

Next round will be started very soon, trying to get the prize(s?) to be delivered before Christmas. Rules will be about the same, but what comes in mail will be something very different. Follow up!

Round 1 (rules)

Published: October 24, 2014 01:30 UTC

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