Wednesday 22 October 2014

[video] SolarTOH charging with Jolla smartphone

Live broadcast on charging values with Solar TOH

Solar TOH is Other Half smartcover for Jolla, manufactured by Funky OtherHalf.

I'm currently testing it's performance, you can take a peek into the data gathering following this live video broadcast:

Update: LIVE broadcast ended, sun has set too low.
Video: about 15mins in sunlight, 12mins in shadow

Tampere, Finland, October 22, 2014 14:30 local time

LIVE now: SolarTOH charging

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Broadcasting device: Nokia N91
Resolution: 352 x 288 px
Sound: disabled
Left image: weather, local race track
Note: For the last 12mins Jolla is in the shadow area, showing much slower charging levels
Right image: monitoring Jolla via SSH

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Published: LIVE


  1. What is this video? What is result and conclution?

    1. Video was from one sunny day of gathering data, next day after that I got a chart of how it works iin cloudy weather. Final results are posted here later, this testing phase takes one or two weeks (depending on the weather). Thanks for asking, follow up!