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Jolla Tablet Specs, Hardware

Jolla Tablet review: Hardware specifications

Review on Jolla Tablet tech specs. Display, Cameras, Connectivity, RAM, ROM, Intel processor details, Sensors (5), Audio and Video hardware, supported formats etc.

Update, October 28th: Fresh photos of the final hardware added

Jolla Tablet Hardware Specs (extended)

Disclaimer: The extended specs are gathered from several sources listed in the end of the post. For the official specs, please refer to

Note: Photos below are taken at MWC15, while Jolla Tablet display was yet without full lamination. Display was later changed to one with similar specs and full laminate. Display specs written are already up to date, and new photos will be added later.

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Jolla Tablet was awarded by Trusted Reviews
as the best tablet of the MWC15 event
Features worth a special mention on this tablet are its display and awarded buttonless user interface, powered by mobile operating system Sailfish OS.

Jolla Tablet has fully laminated Retina level QXGA display with excellent color balance, and carrying values like 1:1000 contrast ratio and 300 luminance

The award "Best of Mobile" was granted by Trusted Reviews on Mobile World Congress 2015, Barcelona, Spain. Out of all new tablets introduced on the venue, Jolla Tablet was selected as the best one.

unedited photo. Great contrast and brightness
Same situation, other viewing angle
  • size: 7.85" (16 x 12 cm), image ratio 4:3
  • type: IPS RETINA LCD, fully laminated
  • touch: capasitive 5 points multi touch
  • resolution: Excellent
    - 2048 x 1536 pixels, 330 ppi, QXGA. Magnyfying glass required to separate the pixels from each other
  • Contrast ratio: Excellent
    - 1:1000 from straight ahead
  • Brightness: Good
    - luminance 300 cd/m2
  • Color temperature: Good
    - Compared to optimal 6500 K, Jolla Tablet has slightly lower value of 6250K adding yellowish to images
  • Color balance: Excellent
    - very close to 100% sRGB gamut
  • Gamma: Good
    - Compared to optimal 2.2, Jolla Tablet's value of 1.5 makes images seem somewhat brighter than they really are. This flattens already bright images
  • Reflections: Good
    - Display is somewhat reflective to external light sources. Reflections can be reduced with a matte surface screen protection layer (not included). Using one would reduce the luminance slightly, but there is some spare if you find the reflections to be an issue in your daily usage
Front camera, 2 Mpix

Size and weight 
  • width: 20.3 cm
  • height: 13.7 cm
  • depth: 8.3 mm*
  • weight: 384 g*
    back camera, 5 MPix

    * Official values. Measured value for depth is 8.6 mm and for weight 359 g

Camera / Video
  • 5 Mpx camera on back*
     - 2.8F aperture, auto focus, no flash
     - 1080p Full HD video recording **
  • 2 Mpx front facing camera
* Camera supports face detection on hardware level, but Jolla has not yet informed if they are taking this feature into use
** Hardware supports 1080p/30fps video playback, but recording could be higher (earlier informed as 60fps by email from Jolla)
microphone hole is almost invisible

  • stereo speakers
    - Typical low quality tablet speakers. Quite low on volume, some loss in dynamics when used on higher volumes
  • 3.5mm audio jack. Measured using 32 ohm headphones:
    - Harmonic distortion 0.02 %
    - Sensitivity 81 dB
    - Output power: 7 mW
    - Crossover balance: 0.2 dB
    - When used as line-out instead of for headphones: -6 dB
  • built in microphone
    Stereo speakers on the bottom

    - not measured

  • power *
  • volume +/- **
* Instead of using power button, screen can be locked with an accessory cover supporting hall sensor, or using top-swipe gesture and selecting a lock icon. Power button is needed mostly for turning the whole device on and off (press for longer than 3 secs).
** Volume can also be adjusted with three-finger-swipe gesture, up or down. This works on top of any application, so the volume button is actually not even needed. Volume buttons works also as camera shutter when camera app is in use

3.5 mm audio, volume and power
Network connectivity
  • WIFI a/b/g/n dual band

  • A-GPS and Glonass 
Sailfish native apps for Maps / Tracking are available. Turn-by-turn voice navigation should be possible with some supported Android apps. 

Battery and charging
  • 4450 mAh, 3.8V Li-Ion (not user replaceable)
  • USB charging (USB-MicroUSB cable included)
"On mixed usage pattern, having display on with full brightness for 1 hour and having WiFi on all the time, battery lasted for 15.5 hours" (TM)
"On almost nonstop writing work battery lasted for 5.5 hours" (TM)
MicroSD slot and microUSB 2.0

Other connectivity
  • Micro USB 2.0 type B, 480Mbs*
     - supports OTG**
  • Bluetooth 4.0 3.0
  • Audio jack 3.5mm
  • (work in process, not promised: video streaming over air, e.g. Miracast support)
USB 2.0 cable (included) can also be used with USB 3.0 devices, but on limited data transfer speed of USB 2.0
** OTG (On The Go) standard enables host devices, for example mobile network dongles, to be used via USB port. This feature is not yet enabled on Sailfish OS

  • Accelerometer
  • Ambience light sensor
  • Gyroscope
  • Compass
  • Hall effect sensor*
* Hall-sensor requires compatible accessory cover (not included). It enables turning the display off with simply closing the cover

  • 32GB / 64GB internal storage, type EMMC
  • 2GB RAM, type DDR3L-RS, 1333Mt/s
  • SD card slot for external memory card*
* SD card slot supports max 128GB open standard cards, or max 32GB MicroSDHC cards. MicroSDXC cards requires reformatting to open standards. Jolla is planning to add format options directly into the device settings to make it easy to format any SD cards.

  • max clock speed: 1.83GHz
  • model: Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3735F
     - Quad Core, 64bit
     - 2MB L2 cache
     - 22nm lithography

Graphic chip and hardware supported video formats
  • max clock speed: 646 MHz
  • model: integrated Intel® HD Graphics, 7th generation
     - supports DX11, OpenGL 3.0, OpenCL 1.2, OpenGLES 2.0
  • hw accelerated encoding formats*
     - supports H.264, MPEG2, MVC 
  • hw accelerated decoding formats*
     - supports H.264, MPEG2, MVC, VC-1, VP8, MJPEG 

Audio chip and hardware supported audio formats
  • integrated LPE audio
     - ALC5640 sound circuit
  • hw accelerated audio formats*
     - supports mp3, AAC, AC3 (DD+), WMA9, WAV
* Formats supported on hardware level doesn't yet mean those are supported by operating system or applications, and there are usually also different formats supported only on software level. Jolla Camera app should record H.264 videos 

  •  led, camera flash, vibrator, SIM slot, hdmi, charger

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Jolla Tablets. Image by Jolla
Additional information: Operating system and app support

User interface. Image by Jolla
Sailfish OS is rather new operating system, developed for mobile devices only. It's usage is based purely on gestures. It's an independent Linux based operating system, and developer Jolla Oy has a strong focus on user privacy.

Current architecture includes both open source licensed and proprietary parts. Jolla has plans for more open source licencing, but last news on that were shared on May 2015, situation on hold, so looking for an update.

Sailfish OS architecture.
Sailfish OS user interface and features are updated regularly via system updates over air (requires active Jolla account). So far this OS has received a new system update every 1.5 months.

Amount of native applications for Sailfish OS is still limited and under development.

Android applications are mostly supported using Android Open Source Project (AOSP) libraries. Majority of Android apps run nice on Sailfish OS, excluding apps dependent on Google Play® Services. Also Android support on Jolla receives updates frequently.

App security: While Android apps are run on top of Sailfish OS, not all resources of the operating system are available for them. Android apps are, for example, not able to make phone calls. Sailfish OS will take over if they try that, and permission to launch Sailfish Phone app is first asked from the user. Access to personal data, like your contacts, is also denied by default. Sailfish OS has settings to grant individual apps some more rights. 

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By: Review Jolla
Photos: Review JollaCC by-nc-sa 3.0
Sources: Jolla, IndiegogoIntelFCC, MWC15 (own tests),  Jolla Blog & TJC (several posts), TM (Finnish tech magazine)
Published: 2015-08-14 11:11 UTC
Updated: 2015-10-28 21:24 UTC (photos changed)


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