Thursday 13 August 2015

On the deck with developers, August 2015

Jolla Sailors plans to improve Sailfish OS

Jolla's sail plan is set to balance under fast blowing winds. Sailors hold on to the recent policy in keeping their followers up to date on their road map and logs, which were recently written again - once again. We checked it, and translated the all too technical post to sailors. Ahoy, step on the deck to see what's up:

On the deck with developers, August 2015

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Sailfish OS User Interface
  • Wash the ports to clearly see the rest of the pirate chests on the main deck: Browser, Maps, People, Calculator, Calendar, Mail, Messages, Phone
  • Get Sailor's shouts to be heard in the radio room - also on the new bigger boat
  • "Redesign system dialogs" - huh? This must be talks they have in transom. Heard those, dirty stuff.
  • "Redesign Settings app" - slightly better, sounds like tool room needs some cleaning. 
  • Afterwards, at least there should be a tool for healing a sick (mistakenly M$ formatted) memory card
  • Get radio room tools visible, and telephone closer to the sailor
  • Show all tools also in the radio room. But let the sailor choose which are shown there. Yes, keep them visible in the old place as well
  • Give all sailors some booze, so they can be as loud or as silent as they wish
  • Check the tool used to pick important stuff out of the boat. It's not yet quite greased
  • Gallery, Media player and Maps are too small for a bigger table. Make them grow or we throw them overboard
  • "Enable USB tethering in the UI" - sail on! Let's just galvanize that anchor rode, whatever it makes
  • Try to cut the main deck in half. Ain't that a great idea!
  • Gallery is a mess - let's buy some albums there and clean up

cbeta Sailors
  • They told the radist is drunk. Wake him up and pull him under the hull, he'll be faster than ever
  • They saw someone drawing some stuff on the top of the deck. Throw away at least half of their paint
  • They whine about missing freetime, some want to get off the boat easier. Well let's make it easier - attach the plank
  • They want a quicker wakeup in the morning, and quicker sleep too. Where do they have such a rush? 
  • They want to visit radio room even when it's empty. Wonder what they are doing there?

Hull and Engine room
  • Get someone shout to the captain if there are problems in starting the engine
  • Turn off the lights - no - test through-hull fitting in the hull. Some sailors might have stuff to hide.
  • "Enable 1080p video recording" - huh? New Rom label?
  • Crew complains their comics show wrong. Fix the TV, or get one fitting on the bigger table
  • Crew complains they hear some glitzes. Check their ears... well ok, check the stereos, buy new if needed for the bigger table
  • "Allow ngfd to start earlier than it does currently" - Well dfgndfgdfg to you too!!
  • Don't try to turn the boat when the wind is too low
  • "Setup services to host downloadable images for the Tablet" - A maid? To host us better and serve this table? Hail! I'm first!

Indian boats:
  • Backlight, radars and other meters, thermal limits (avoid sailing too fast on hot weathers) and RTC - Rom Time Call?
  • "Package dhd" - Pack what? Another new Rom Label?
  • Shouts and resources in order
If you find technical stuff easier to read, visit the original road map - part Q3/2015

But if you're a sailor, learn to speak like one. And don't disturb the Sailors, they seem to be working.

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By: Review Jolla
Photo: By Benjamint444, published under GFDL licence
Source: Dev roadmap
Published: 2015-08-13 13:41 UTC
Updated: 2015-08-13 13:41 UTC


  1. "This must be talks they have in transom." Does this make sense in Finnish? 'Fo'c'sle talk' perhaps? Except the transom is at the back.

    Anyway, don't add too many ship's bells and whistles without getting the naval architecture right. Remember the Vasa!

    1. Thanks, I tried my best, in thet case translating "system" as something "at the back". (as it runs on background, in the user point of view) I've sailed, but translating developer stuff to sailors, I must admit, it wasn't too easy. How would you describe system dialogs?