Friday 7 August 2015

Positive feedback

Short post written in a great mood

Inspired by one nice G+ post, several great blog posts by Jolla Sailors, and all the winds blowing in this community right now, I felt like writing a thanks post.

Hoping to expand good mood around Sailfish OS and Jolla even further with this

Thank You

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As an independent blogger, I've been critical when needed, and one must remember the opposite when it's time for that. Now it seems it is!

While Jolla's communication in the beginning has been a WIP, there's been great improvement lately. But what made me really surprised is that it's improving in times of challenges - now this is Sailor attitude. The harder it blows, the faster it goes.

Thinking about all the delays, unpredictable happening, lower sales than expected, one would guess employees of a company would hide and be quiet. Worry not, something else is happening at Jolla.

They are answering to customers in the middle of a night, boosting their blog keeping everybody up to date of both the problems and positive events, and they are doing this all seemingly smiling even in a situation with all the problems and times of lower sales. Jolla Phone is soon sold out, Tablets are not available for new customers, Intex phone takes still few months to hit the markets - and income on that comes even later. How is it possible that Sailors improve so much in times like this? Well, they are Sailors. It's unlike.

This post was inspired by Je Saist on G+ (and Jolla's answer to that), Juhani Lassila, Carol Chen, Marko Saukko and Iekku Pylkkä on Jolla Blog, not to forget a longer time effect by the whole community, this time mentioning for example Jaakko Roppola's design blog which always makes me think. Thanks!

Facts are facts, attitude is an attitude. Do you let the facts change your attitude to worse, or do you use your attitude to change the facts?

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Published: 2015-08-07 16:30 UTC
Updated: 2015-08-07 17:30 UTC

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