Tuesday 11 August 2015

Partner Space on Jolla Phone and Jolla Tablet

Followup post, Partner Space interface for current Jolla branded devices

We shared post "Introduction to Sailfish OS 2.0 Partner Space" a while ago, let's have another view sharing the changes coming up for current Jolla Phone owners and Jolla Tablet funders. Will they see external content provided by 3rd parties, or do they have options?

Partner Space on Jolla Phone and Jolla Tablet

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Juhani Lassila, Head of Communications at Jolla, shares us what's coming up. To begin with, Jolla Tablets will be shipped with Sailfish OS 1.1.9 version, but already including most of the new navigation model of Sailfish OS 2.0 - just without the Partner Space:

When the user interface doesn't include a partner space, the planned horizontal "cylinder" will only have two screens, so swiping left or right will show user either the Multitaksing Home screen or Notifications screen

But but, that's not all there is! In the end, there will be a third screen also on Jolla branded devices, and that screen can be used to run any supported Sailfish OS or Android app. Juhani Lassila confirms:
"This is on the roadmap and is being planned as we speak."

Running your favorite news reader, or keeping your email boxes behind one gesture all the time - How would you use this space?

So it seems the Partner Space is reserved only on those devices manufactured / sold by Jolla's partners, and regarding Jolla's direct end-cutomers, they are seen as "Partners" as well. I start to share #PeoplePowered words soon. Who else was worried about this? And who's happy now?

After the space is implemented on Jolla branded devices, also Sailfish OS apps must be updated to include the user interface for this space - having it embedded directly into UI has some requirements for the app UI, so in the beginning we might see only few options, and if popular, more and more added by time, while developers updates their apps.

The horizontal "cylinder" of Multitasking Home screen, Notifications screen and Partner Space (optional on Jolla Branded devices) is the key element of Sailfish OS 2.0 user interface. On earlier Sailfish OS versions, the screen on side had a quick Ambience selector. These favorited ambiences are  now moved into the new Lock menu on top.

The new Lock Menu above the "cylinder" opens with swipe, starting the gesture from above-top and swiping down. Menu includes also an option to shut down the display.

Below the "cylinder" you can swipe too, starting the gesture from below-bottom of the display. Swipe up will lift up a Launcher screen, showing all your installed apps.

Within the "cylinder", simple flicks to right or left, used anywhere on the screen, will do the job. While an app is taken onto foreground, leaving it takes place with a side-swipe gesture - It's dropped right into the multitasking home screen.

This was a followup post for: Introduction to Sailfish OS 2.0 Partner Space

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By: Review Jolla
Sources: Juhani Lassila, Jolla Blog
Published: 2015-08-11 11:47 UTC
Updated: 2015-08-13 11:30 UTC


  1. I hope closing app/locking phone isn't going to be more difficult than what it is now. Worst that could happen is they will replace my most used gesture with the least used feature. i.e., replacing phone lock with change ambience. I have changed ambience maybe 3 times since owning the phone.

    1. I fully agree that the most used gestures should be kept the most simple. An additional tap is needed - but I've tested it on MWC15, and I can share my opinion: After swiping down (to open the Lock menu), the area to tap is close to the previous gesture, and it's wide (on the phone as wide as screen), so I didn't find that annoying. But a minor regression anyway

  2. and how does it looks like on a smaller display like the phone?

    1. That seemed great to me as well. Like I wrote in a reply above, Lock menu was screen wide. Home screen showed battery info and clock on top (quite small font), otherwise being similar to earlier Sailfish. New notification screen looked very nice with organized information, but quite different to the image on this article.

  3. Hello to Jolla team,
    I was a full adept of the N9 (which I lost last year, grrrr) and loved the Harmattan interface.
    I now have a Jolla Phone 2013 and wonder why Jolla team did not reuse the fabulous Harmattan Interface.
    Pulley menus are a tremendous idea! Bravo for that brilliant idea.
    But from my point of view the carousel is somewhat a disturbing navigation system.
    Harmattan had 3 stripes between which we used to navigate using swipe left or right: notification stripe, launcher stripe and running applications stripe. Very simple, error proof.
    With Sailfish, having the launcher beneath a main screen and the notification sceeen called by a swiping up gesture are not very good ideas.
    For the swipe up gesture, it should be reserved for rare functionalities not for something essential like notifications and having the launcher menu under something is not very natural.

    Moreover there is a big inconsistancy: as swiping down means closing the application, it's logical to imagine that when receiving a call it means rejecting it. No, it means accepting it! Very bad!

    Despite these blames, Jolla still is the only phone without any button (I hate buttons) that I love.

    Keep on the job,