Sunday, 15 December 2013

Flash player for Jolla smartphone


  • Jolla's own Sailfish Browser does not support flash content, and there is no official support coming afaik.
  • Adobe flash player installed by instruction here must be updated manually.
  • Using an old version of Adobe Flash player might cause security issues. When writing this guide, latest official Android version is 11.1. For other operating systems, like Linux, version 11.2 is already published.
  • Jolla does not officially support 3rd party stores, like Aptoide which is mentioned in this guide. Use 3rd party stores with your own risk.

How to Install Adobe Flash player for Jolla Smartphone (unofficial, read Notes)

  1. If not already done, install Android support from Jolla store. For this you need to be logged in with your Jolla account (Settings -> Accounts -> Jolla, white spot active)
  2. Long web address to write: Use your phone internet browser (any), and go to
  3. The install packet: Flash player for Android* is downloaded to your phone. Close the browser
  4. Go to Settings -> Transfers and click the downloaded packet. It should install to your phone. 
 * Legal note: Distributing Adobe Flash player is prohibited elsewhere but in Adobe's own sites, or via their official partners. For your own security, make sure you download the install packet fromtheir own web site (like the link above, including text in the very beginning of the address. If you find a similar apk from 3rd parties, please report it to Adobe.

How to use flash content on Jolla

  • You need an Android web browser, as Adobe doesn't offer support for Sailfish. Any browser should do, but this is tested to work at least with Firefox. Simply start your Android browser and go to site including flash content.

How to Install an Android web browser to Jolla

  • A lot of Android browsers are available in a lot of different app stores. To keep the guide here simple, I use only one example: Installing Firefox from Aptoide store
  1. Open your phone browser, go to address Install Aptoide store (close browser)
  2. Open Aptoide store and search Firefox. Install the application (close the store)
  3. Close the store - Your browser is now ready for use in the Launcer view (applications screen)

    If you want, you can move the icon up to the home screen quick menu (first four applications of your launcher view are shown on the home screen)

Next guide coming up at reviewjolla:  

How to Install GO Launcher EX on Jolla, enabling better view on installed Android applications.


  1. Thanks for this! Now I am finally able to listen nicely Nokia MixRadio also on Jolla. After adding full screen add-on to Firefox mobile it's perfect.

  2. Thanks for posting..Your site is my favourite for Adobe Flash Player ... :)