Thursday 15 October 2015

The First Jolla Tablet unboxing

Jolla Tablet Unboxing (includes LastuCase)

Chung Hoi Ching, customer in Hong Kong, received her Jolla Tablet already on October 8th. She was one of the lucky very early birds placing her perk on the Indiegogo campaign already during the very first minutes.

Few more are arriving to different countries between October 9-15th. While the rest of the tablets are once again postponed, here's a photo show on what the lucky ones are receiving in just few days:

First Jolla Tablet arrives the destination

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 Back of the box
Front of the box
Box opened
Below the tablet
Stickers, manual and warranty note
USB cable
The Jolla Tablet, still covered
Jolla Tablet back side
Jolla Tablet display

Powering up

Chung Hoi Ching contributed also to the Lastu Case perk
Let's unpack that too
Three wooden triangles can be set to put up a desired tablet stand
Enjoy the sail Miss Ching - Thanks for sharing!

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By: Review Jolla
Sources: Twitter
Published: 2015-10-08 13:30 UTC
Updated: 2015-10-15 13:31 UTC


  1. Thanks for the blogpost, waiting for mine too. Hope it will be there for Christmas.

    1. Thanks :) Here's the shipping schedule if you want to follow for your tablet. Delivery depends on the time of your contribution / pre-order

  2. Mine is also on its way to Finland - ETA on Tuesday, :) - with the Lastu case as well => Have you tried it yet?

    1. Congrats! I haven't even received a demo tablet to review yet, and my own (+Lastuase) has just been delayed among others, but they'll reach me on one day. Enjoy yours :)

    2. Hi Simo, for some reason the Finnish customs have kept it for 5 days... Still waiting, :(. Frustrating...

    3. I learned yesterday one was also kept by them from Friday to Tuesday. I hope they forward it soon, assuming everything's in place - waiting isn't nice, but you made it to the first batch anyway so that's great!