Friday 16 October 2015

Company Rock Finals 2015

Jolla Cruise Band, Company Rock Finalist 2015
Photo by Juha Paakkari

Announcing the giveaway winners

Company Rock event in Finland gathers rock and blues players from enterprises to an annual contest, rocking for fun and for fame until the coveted victory. Jolla Oy joins 10 other finalists with their Jolla Cruise Band, and you're welcome to join rocking with them if you're in Helsinki soon. Let's see where they are heading!

Company Rock Finals 2015

While giving everything to your work it's pretty important to have something totally different in your life to charge your batteries. Some people jog, some people rock, like Juhani, Ville, Helleke, Pauliina, Marc and Eric, members of the Jolla Cruise Band (photo above)

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And they really rocked! The next goal is to get up against 10 other bands in Company Rock 2015 Finals. Event will take place at Apollo Live Club in Helsinki, Finland on October 30, you're welcome to join rocking with them! Tickets from the door (opens 6 pm local time) are 17€ and the night is filled with live rock and blues by eleven great finalists:

Ruukin Rengit

Sound of Solita
Six Diggits
The Frankees

Black Senath
Jolla Cruise Band
Gory Liaison and Darth Vader Blues

Few of you joined our giveaway for free tickets sponsored to us by the Company Rock team. Thanks a lot for the tickets, and thanks to all participants!

Below, the giveaway winners messages. Authors of these three, please contact us in good time to receive your tickets, let's say before October 26th, via email to reviewjolla(a)

"for the journey, to the edge of the world,
for the sailors, to the bottom of the hearth,
for the ship, on the crest of the waves!"

"Sail with soul....."

"When owner by Jolla phone, 
i just have to be there.:)"

Thanks for everybody else joining our giveaway as well, and we still hope to see you and everybody else on that evening too. Ps: To the anonymous fan: now delivered, and thanks!

Be there!

The night is filled with live music by the best bands in the business sector in Finland.

The winner is selected by judges and announced right after midnight. Company Rock is happy to welcome Kimmo Vehviläinen, famous radio voice in Finland, among to the judge team. He's joining as a representative of Children's hospitals godparents organization who is also responsible for organizing the concert below:

One remarkable event for the winner of the Company Rock Finals is taking the stage in an annual concert "Give life to a child" at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland. Last year's winner was there too (photo below), and by the way, they are also performing in this years Finals as the 12th band.
Black Alcantara, Company Rock 2014 winner

Company Rock Finals, schedule:

  • 19:10 Black Senath
  • 19:30 Sound Of Solita
  • 19:50 The Frankees
  • 20:10 Kuumapiste
  • 20:30-20:45 PAUSE
  • 20:50 Ruukin Rengit
  • 21:10 Insultants
  • 21:30 Snus
  • 21:50 Six Diggit
  • 22:10-22:25 PAUSE
  • 22:30 Gory Liaison and Darth Vader Blues
  • 22:50 Jolla Cruise Band
  • 23:10 Pääkonttori
  • 23:30-00:00 Judges gather to decide the winner
  • 23:30-00:00 Company Rock 2014 -winner: Black Alcantara
  • 00:05 Announcing the winner & Award ceremony

And how to get there?

Navigate to Mannerheimintie 16, Helsinki (Map link) on October 30. Apollo Live Club welcomes you in any time after 6 pm.

On any question, or with later wishes to the Jolla Cruise Band, please leave a comment. Let's rock them up to the big arena together!

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By: Review Jolla
Photo courtesy: Cover photo by Juha Paakkari, 11 finalists by Melinda Backström, other photos by Company Rock team
Published: 2015-10-16 06:45 UTC
Updated: 2015-10-16 12:27 UTC


  1. Rocking rock rock tonight! ps. Thanks for the delivery (anonymous fan)